My First Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother’s Day. It’s crazy to think about how many more I get to celebrate.

The celebrations actually started the Sunday before. When Leighton was only 6 weeks old we started meeting up with other mums and bubs her age in our area. Eight months later we are still getting together every Wednesday. It’s been so much fun watching the babies grow up and even better to have friends going through the same experiences.

Our little group wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day together and also get the guys involved. So the Sunday before Mother’s Day we all got together in the park for a picnic. What we didn’t think about was putting the food out of reach of all the babies. Leighton pretty much only cared about diving head first into the treats.

The following Sunday was actual Mother’s Day and we started the morning opening presents at the apartment before heading to church. Leighton is becoming so active that sitting still (and staying quiet) during the church service is quite the challenge. We even sat in the kid row which has toys and books but she still was more interested in trying to crawl under the pews. It also doesn’t help that the service falls right during her nap time.

This is how she feels about missing her nap time.

After church, Leighton finally fell asleep in her stroller so we decided to go on a walk before our lunch reservation so she could keep sleeping. We still had some time to kill when it started sprinkling so we ducked into a new(ish) cafe in our neighborhood that I had been wanting to check out.

About a boy and girl was super cute and I would love to go back for breakfast one day. Leighton woke up so we shared a refreshing watermelon juice. I also took advantage of the colorful wall outside to get Trav to snap a picture of me with the the little lady that made me a mother.

We had meaning to try Delfina’s for a while so it worked out that they were having a Mother’s Day brunch that Trav booked us into. I am not sure the booking was necessary though because it wasn’t busy at all. Which was quite nice since Leighton was pretty vocal (and hilarious) throughout the whole meal. Out food was so good and I would definitely head back there for brunch. I pretty much always order eggs benedict when I go out for brunch and their pulled pork version hit the spot perfectly.

After brunch we decided to walk around the James St area to burn off a bit of our meals and do some window shopping. Leighton fell asleep again so we decided to duck into a pub for a glass of wine while she snoozed. After her nap we headed back to the house where I took a nice long nap myself.

It was a perfect first mother’s day and the only thing that would have made it even better would have been getting to celebrate with my own mother and mother-in-law as well.

4 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. Happy first Mother’s Day! So lovely. I actually LOL’d at that pic of the all the babies with the food!! That’s what I’d do around food (lie half in the bowl and just go for it) if I could get away with it!

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