A Day in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

It is no secret that Travis and I love a good weekend adventure. Since having Leighton our international (and even domestic) trips have reduced drastically, so we love to take advantage of what is around us in Queensland.

One area that had been on our list to check our forever was the Sunshine Coast hinterland (hinterland = remote area away from the coast), more specifically the towns of Maleny and Montville. I had always heard that they were adorable little mountain towns with stunning views. For some reason it took us almost three years to visit, but a few weeks ago we finally made it.

We left the house early so that Leighton could take her nap during the hour and a half drive. The town of Mapleton was first on our destination list and checking out Mapleton Falls was the goal. Luckily, we got to Mapleton Falls National Park just in time to snag a parking spot before it quickly filled up.

It was a short circuit, so Travis carried Leighton. She really liked looking at all the leaves and the seriously tall trees.

At the end of the circuit we stopped at a viewing deck to check out the stunning mountain vista. Leighton mostly just wanted to stand on her own and look at everything.

We stopped at the viewing deck for the waterfall, but since we haven’t had much rain lately it wasn’t very exciting. I would love to go back when it is really flowing because it is quite large.

Photo from here. I couldn’t get nearly as good of a shot.

The circuit wasn’t long (1.2K), but perfect for kids or anyone just wanting to take a short but scenic walk.

After our walk, we drove to the town of Montville. One my favorite places to take visitors to Mount Tamborine because it is really scenic and has lots of cute shops. Montville reminded me a lot of the main strip there only I thought it was way cuter and less touristy. There were so many cute cafes and restaurants, along with antique and gift shops.

My favorite shop (of course) was Chocolate Country. It was hard to choose which chocolates to try because everything was so yummy looking.

We picked up a few truffles and a chocolate frog (Travis’ only request) and headed to find a spot for lunch.

There were quite a few places to choose from, but we decided on wild rocket @ Misty’s. The sign advertised a tapas menu and a micro brewery, which coincidentally are two of our favorite things. They also had live music in the courtyard which Leighton enjoyed as well. The atmosphere and food were both great. It was the perfect way to unwind after our busy morning.

We saw that there was a winery nearby so we decided to check it out. Flame Hill was pretty busy when we got there and so we waited a bit before trying a few wines. There was a fee for trying even a few wines, which is uncommon around here. Leighton was beginning to get tired, so we quickly did a short tasting and bought a bottle. Flame Hill also has accommodation and a restaurant, which was very busy. My favorite part was this cute porch off of the tasting room.

Leighton quickly fell asleep in the car, but I had one more stop I wanted to make- Maleny Cheese.

Cheese is my favorite, so I knew I had to check out the cheese shop in Maleny. I had to run in quickly since Travis was waiting in the car with a sleeping baby (and sleeping babies don’t like to be stationary long), so I didn’t take any pictures. A gouda and a port flavored cheddar made their way home with me (and were divine). I would love to go back and enjoy one of their cheese platters, like the ones I stalked on instagram.


After my purchase we headed back home to Brisbane. Hiking, shopping, wine, chocolate and cheese make for a day well spent. We always knew we loved the beaches on the Sunshine Coast, but now we have a whole new appreciation for our northern neighbor. We can’t wait to show it off to some of our upcoming visitors (all 7 of them!!).

As usual, linking up with my girls LaurenMarcellaVan and Isabel at Wanderful Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “A Day in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

  1. And now I know what a Hinterland is! I seriously never knew, I just thought it was a name of a place to be honest. Sounds like a fantastic day out, and how cute is little Leighton. My heart melted when I saw the pic of her looking like she was about to burst into tears. #WanderfulWednesday

  2. Those mountain views are swoony! What a lovely place to visit, you’d have had to wrestle me out of that chocolate shop. What a brilliant discovery, and not overly far from Brisbane either! Another one for my list 🙂

  3. What a fun trip! Such a good idea to start taking advantage of places close to home, since it’s difficult to travel far right now! With places like this close, who needs to go abroad 😀 Wine, chocolate, waterfalls, shopping- so many of my favorite things wrapped into one adventure! Leighton looks like she’s having a blast as well 😀

  4. This sounds like the perfect day to me too! It has all my favorite things… pretty views, chocolate, cute cafes, cheese, and wine tasting! And you weren’t kidding, those trees are tall! I hope you get to go back and try the cheese platter… it looks so good!

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