Leighton {Ten Months}

Only two more of these updates before I have a toddler! How on earth is that possible?!

Truthfully, I have felt like I have had a toddler for the past month or so. Now that she is on the move she is into EVERYTHING and will not still still unless she’s eating or sleeping. She also is developing a little attitude when you do something she doesn’t like. I am getting a tad nervous for the teen years.


Approx. 9.4kg/20lb 11oz

I have no idea on her length but I am pretty sure she is short like her parents, just look at her jammies

2 teeth are making their way finally, I thought we would make it to her first birthday with zero

6-12M in clothes and 2.5 in shoes (she has so many cute pairs that are way too big still)


Leighton is pretty much a bottomless pit. Girl can EAT! We went to dinner with a couple other families the other night and I was worried because it was pretty late, but she seriously sat at the head of the table in her high chair and happily ate everything in sight (it was turkish food) for over two hours! I am pretty sure her high chair is her happy place. If you follow me on snapchat or insta stories (@courtneyalkek) you will see that’s where 90% of the videos take place because it is the only time she sits still.

We are officially done nursing (as of two days ago). I am proud that we made to 10 months because the our journey was not the easiest and my goal was 4 months and I was certain I wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Now she is 100% bottle fed and I am still trying to figure out how much she needs each day because it seems to always be changing. She for sure has 3 bottles (morning, lunch, bedtime) between 120-180ml (about 4-6oz) and I offer a sippy cup with 4oz after her nap that is hit or miss how much she drinks. It’s hard to imagine that in a couple months milk won’t be her main nutrition source.

Also, I am debating doing a post on Leighton’s meals and what are some of our go to recipes for all three of us. Anyone interested in reading that?


Hallelujah! I think the sleep regression has finally passed. Leighton is back to sleeping through the night every night. She will sometimes wake up, but is able to settle herself back to sleep quickly. We are having to help get her to sleep especially for naps or else she immediately stands up and wants to play or cry. She used to put herself to sleep but ever since she started standing we have to rock and pat her. Any tips on training a very mobile baby to put herself down?!

Leighton still goes to bed around 7-7:30 and wakes up between 6 and 6:30. She takes a morning nap around 8:30 and an afternoon nap around 1:30. They are an average of an hour and a half usually, although the past week she has been taking some very short (30-40 minute) naps. The morning nap is 100% necessary for a good day, but she will sometimes skip the PM nap if we are out and is just ready for bed earlier.


New people, getting attention from anyone, swim class, bath time, anything Travis does, reading books (the only time she will sit in my lap), her baby doll, dogs, watching little kids at the park, swinging, being outside, makeup and makeup brushes (she loves sitting in front of the mirror with me when I am getting ready), the child care at the YMCA- she loves all the teachers and all the fun toys


affection, cuddling, getting her face or hands cleaned, laying still for diaper or clothes changes, loud, sudden noises

  • Going to a couple Brunch’n’Bubs events with our friends. Sensory class for the babies and coffee and brunch for the mamas- it is such a great concept! The last one we went to she had a beauty therapist there and for $12 you could get your eyebrows done or a short massage. I hadn’t had my eyebrows touched since I was pregnant, so I clearly took advantage.

  • Celebrating my first Mother’s Day! Travis and Leighton made it perfect.

  • Leighton had her first non family or friend babysitter. My friend’s cousin watched her one Saturday night so we could go out to dinner with friends. She did so good and watched us leave and went back to playing.
  • The weather in Brisbane is perfect in winter! Lots of outdoor time and late afternoon snack and play dates in the park.

  • Honestly, I have just have had a lot of fun hanging out with Leighton this month. She is so entertaining and loves going places and seeing new people. So, it is fun just to have a coffee date at a cafe with her or people (and dog) watch at the park. She is definitely my little sidekick.
Developmental Milestones
  • Standing always. She doesn’t need much to help herself stand up anymore, so is pretty much always upright. She cruises back and forth along the furniture. I should probably get her one of the walker type toys.

  • Testing her balance. She has started letting go and standing on her own for several seconds at a time. Don’t mind her hair in this picture..

  • Waving and clapping all the time, unless you want her to. Then she will just stare at you blankly.

When your child is so over you. 🙄 #justclapyourhands #littleleightonalkek

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  • She started trying to put the cap back on her cup the other day when we were out. Now I have noticed she tries to put things in bags or the rings on her stacker. It is so fun watching her develop new skills!

What’s Up Next…

My mother in law and 9 year old nephew are coming to visit July 1st! We will just be hanging out and starting to plan her FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY (!?!) until then.

The Outtakes

10 thoughts on “Leighton {Ten Months}

  1. Phoenix has also been giving us a bit of an attitude when we are doing something he doesn’t like. Toddlerhood will be interesting. I’d love to read what you are feeding Leighton. Phoenix isn’t a huge eater but we are getting there!

    • Talking to my friends in our mother/father’s group it sounds like all the babies are getting this way. I am a little nervous haha, she can be feisty! I will work on a post, I always find it so interesting what people eat and now what they feed their kids.

  2. yes yes yes DO the post on meals for the 3 of you! pleeeease 🙂

    atlas has the opposite PJ problem – i feel like some mornings she wakes up and her toes want to bust out the bottom! she is in 12-18 month clothing! she will be a GIANT – like her parents 🙂

    i am also so so proud of you for nursing her for 10 months. seriously – huge high fives to you!

    • I am planning on writing that post, I just have to get back in the blogging groove. Haha well Leighton seems to be growing but the opposite direction! She squuuuueeezing in 12M clothes but they are still so long. Thanks girl!

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