Weekending in the Granite Belt 

Last week was a doozy. Poor Leighton battled a double ear infection and we spent lots of time at home. When Saturday came around we were all ready to get out of the house. So at 8am when Travis suggested getting out of town and heading to the country, we were packed and on the road within an hour.

Ever since I visited the Granite Belt region back in 2015 with some girlfriends, it’s been one of my favourite places to escape to for the weekend. While we were on the way we called up the Peter Allen Motor Inn where we had stayed the last two visits and luckily they had a room available for the night. As we always do with car trips we made sure Leighton was in the car at nap time, and luckily she didn’t make a peep the entire three hour drive.

Our first stop was Stanthorpe where we had lunch at the Cork and Fork. The homemade pumpkin soup was so delicous and the perfect meal on a chilly winter day. I had eaten breakfast here with my girlfriends on my first trip and had good experiences both times. We haven’t been too impressed with any other places we have eaten in Stanthorpe, so I would definetly go back to the Cork and Fork.

Next we headed to Girraween National Park to hike. Travis had been wanting to do the Pyramid hiking trail since our last trip. The walk was really scenic and Leighton loved to reach out and touch the rocks.

Leighton wasn’t feeling the selfies haha.

When we got towards the top the trail went from being steep stairs to very steep slippery rock. Some people were even getting on their hands and knees. This was Leighton’s and my cue to take a break and let Trav journey to the top on his own.

He made it all the way up, and Leighton enjoyed practicing her wave to all the other hikers while we waited for him to come back down. The pictures really don’t do it justice. It was realllllly steep and tall.

We were the ones down there waving.

All in all the walk took us just under two hours and then we hit the road and crossed the state lines into Tenterfield. Something about small towns just make me so happy and I couldn’t help but get a little giddy as we drove through the quiet city center. I only wish the trees were still the beautiful orange and yellow that they were when we went in the fall.

After checking into our room we changed and headed out for a quick stroll and to get dinner. The dining options in Tenterfield are limited to some Asian takeaways and hotel/motel restaurants. The commercial boutique hotel had treated us well the last two trips so we decided to stick to what we know.

The fire was roaring and it was nice and cozy. Leighton wanted to explore the dining room and visit all the other patrons, so it definitely wasn’t as relaxing as dinners in the past (also why I took zero pictures). After eating, we quickly headed back to the room to get Leighton to sleep. Once she was down we enjoyed wine and complimentary biscuits in bed #parentlife. This was Trav’s way of keeping Leighton in the dark while we got ready for bed 😂.

After an early wake up call from the youngest family member and lots of sleepy cuddles, we checked out and headed to breakfast around 8am. We decided to try a new place we had driven by on the way into town, Spice and Cream.

The weather was pretty cold and rainy, so it was nice to have breakfast by the fire. Even better than that was we had the whole downstairs to ourselves, so Leighton made herself at home and burned off some energy crawling around playing cards and Jenga.

The menu was small but very unique and we quite enjoyed our meals. I had the Earl Grey pancakes and Trav the tacos, which were made on a flatbread. The cafe is a patisserie and they had some very yummy looking sweets that we (unfortunately) didn’t save room for.

By the time we left, Leighton was more than ready for a nap which meant an hour long scenic drive for us. We stopped by the visitor center  “driver reviver” station and the sweetest volunteers hooked me up with a hot tea and a double serve of biscuits. Since the weather wasn’t looking good for any outdoor activities we decided on our favourite indoor activity, wine tasting.

First stop was Symphony Hills. Travis had never been to their cellar door before and after Leighton’s blowout (which is why she s rocking sweat pants in the rest of the photos) he is certain we won’t be welcome back. Kidding of course, we really enjoyed their wine and Leighton enjoyed the toy box.

We also stopped by an olive and chilli shop and did tastings there as well. I was just disappointed the fudge shop wasn’t offering any free samples.

After picking up lunch, we went by Boireann and chatted for a while with the winery manager about the new ownership. He was so friendly and Leighton especially enjoyed making silly faces and waving at him.

Last stop before hitting the road was Ravens Croft Winery. We had stopped by this winery last time when the weather was pretty bad and it felt like deja vu being back again while the rain bucketed down.

We were the only ones there and the owner/winemaker was soooo nice and Leighton crawl all around the cellar door and “help” him out behind the counter. Apparently she thought she deserved to get paid because she had a firm grasp on his wallet!

After making a purchase or two we were back in the car and Brisbane bound just in time for Leighton’s 2pm nap. In fact, we both enjoyed a snooze on the way home. It was the perfect little weekend escape and aren’t spontaneous trips always the best ones?

I am super late but linking up with my girls LaurenMarcellaVan and Isabel at Wanderful Wednesday.


8 thoughts on “Weekending in the Granite Belt 

    • It was so relaxing (minus the dinner out haha) to get out of town. Luckily the winemaker was soooo nice and let run (crawl) free around. I am sure it would have been a much shorter visit if he wasn’t so awesome.

  1. Those views are incredible!! I can’t get over how many hidden gems you manage to find so close to home all the time!! Well close being relative in Australia I guess 😀

  2. No samples at the fudge shop?! Outrageous. The scenery looks beautiful though, and so great to find lots of local produce to sample. I love that you have a kid who likes hiking, I feel like that must be a rare thing. I don’t blame you for skipping that last bit, it does look a bit hair raising!

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