Life Lately

Hi friends!

It’s been a while since I have posted a real life update on the blog. I feel like I always have lots of ideas for posts but then getting them from my brain to the computer is proving to be a little more difficult (especially while wrangling the busiest 10 month old). Oh well! Here’s a bit of what has been going on over here.

I posted here about our weekend trip to the Granite Belt. The weather in Queensland is absolutely perfect right now, so we had a great time getting out and exploring.

Most Saturday mornings we are less exciting and you can find us at the New Farm Farmer’s Market, picking up our produce and visiting all the dogs at the dog park.

We finally got around to trying the iced coffee at a local Vietnamese restaurant. We fell in love with the sweet coffee (black coffee, condensed milk and ice) while we were in Hanoi and had been wanting to get our fix ever since.

I celebrated my sweet friend (and former blogger) Lauren and her baby boy who is due on Leighton’s birthday! We had the best brunch at Summerhouse in Kangaroo Point. If you are in Brisbane, you should definitely check it out. The decor and atmosphere are meant to be instagrammed and the food and drinks are delish.

I left Leighton at home with her dad and met up with them at a BBQ at the park later. It’s always weird when I go places without her, especially during the day. I kept looking at things on the menu that I knew I could share with her and I even looked for the handicap bathroom since that’s where I usually have to change her.

Our weekdays are pretty predictable too. Playdates with friends at the park (or cafe when it’s raining), time at the YMCA- where Leighton has been working on her walking and I have been working on my fitness, and swimming lessons on Fridays.

Leighton missed a couple lessons due to an ear infection, so I scheduled a lesson for last Sunday so Travis could do it with her. It was so fun to watch her and finally get some pictures and videos.

After her lesson, we took advantage of the gorgeous day and went to the nearby Roma Street Parklands. I have only been there a few times and every time I wonder why we don’t go more often. The park is absolutely stunning and has such a fun playground, one for big kids and one for little kids. After strolling and playing we posted up on the lawn by the water to hang out.

Other events not pictured include our Thursday evening tradition of happy hour at the Waterloo, cooking a Mexican feast for some friends last Saturday (only took four butchers to find meat for fajitas) and lots of playtime around the house and at the park.

Our days are about to get a lot more busy- my mother in law and nephew are getting here on Saturday and will be here for three weeks. We have lots of fun adventures planned (and some we really need to get on planning!). Once they leave, a few days later my family gets here to celebrate Leighton’s first birthday. Lots of fun times coming up!

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Even though your Saturdays might be a little more laid back, y’all are still getting out and exploring which I think is so awesome! I need to try do that when we’re at home in Houston, instead of just staying at the house. And hooray for family coming in town to visit!

  2. I feel the same way — I have lots of ideas but the days go by so quickly! I want to look into swim lessons for Phoenix but maybe not until the fall when we’ll want indoor activities.

  3. oh my goodness, that video of her walking!!! that’s amazing and her smiling at being so proud of herself is adorable. it’s crazy how fast they are growing! so nuts that this time last year we had expanding bellies and now they are on the outside!

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