Leighton {Eleven Months}

Less than a month until we are celebrating this cutie’s first birthday!


9.8kg/21lbs 9oz


12M and 18M clothes

3 teeth- she went from 0 to 3 all in a couple weeks


She is still our big eater. Her appetite is endless. She loves most foods but peas are her absolute fave. I am pretty sure she had a growth spurt last week because she was up to downing 4 6oz bottles a day on top of 3 meals. Then I went to get her dressed and her 12M clothes were snug when she could still fit in 9M not that long ago. She is now back to 3 bottles/sippy cup a day. I am also giving introducing her a little bit to cow’s milk so she will be used to it before we make the switch at a year.


Still sleeping through the night and napping two times a day. We had a couple of weeks of her really fighting to go down for her naps, but once I increased her wake time a bit she started to go down much better. She goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and wakes up between 6-6:30. She naps around 9 and 2 depending on when she wakes up and what we are doing.


Swimming, splash pad, her cousin, being outside, the park, her walker, new people, dogs



Getting her nose or face cleaned, getting her PJs on after a bath, any affection- she will push you away if you try and hug or kiss her

  • Family trip to the Granite Belt.
  • Lots of playdates with friends.

  • Her Grandma Sassy and cousin, Dylan got to Brisbane on the 1st. She is loving having two more playmates and screeches and chases Dylan around the apartment.

  • We took our first trip to the kid’s pool and splash pad at South Bank. Yes, it is still winter here but soooo nice outside.
  • Leighton also had her first trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. She loved the kangaroos so much she wanted to hug them.


Developmental Milestones
  • Standing on her own for longer and longer. She has taken some baby steps a few times now and is getting more and more confident. She loves to walk around pushing her walker and cruise along furniture. She’s getting pretty quick. I turned my back for two seconds and she was hanging out on our patio.
  • Babbling and “talking” constantly, sometimes it sounds like she is saying “hi” or “dog” but I never know how intentional it is.
  • Pointing at everything that she wants. She gives kisses but is quite stingy with them and typically reserves them for her dolls or stuffed animals and now her cousin.
What’s Up Next…

Lots more family time! We still have two more weeks with this lot and then a short break before my family gets here. We are headed to New Zealand for a few days to check out the north island and see Hobbiton. Wish me luck on my first flight with a mobile child!

The Outtakes

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6 thoughts on “Leighton {Eleven Months}

  1. I can’t get over Leighton’s hair. I finally put away the 6-9 month onesies (ahhh) though the 6-12 month pants fit him better. I have no idea what he weighs but he’s getting heavier everyday!

    • Haha her hair is out of control. She probably needs a cut but she has new bags growing in underneath so I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I blinked and she went from 9m clothes to 18m in some things! She is a serious chunk though.

  2. Seriously how in the world is she going to be a year old so soon! She’s getting so big, and I hope that your flight to New Zealand was smooth! I loved all of your snaps of her with the kangaroos, it was so cute how she wanted to just hug all over them!

  3. Hobbiton! Fun! I do hope the flight goes well, I’m sure Leighton will charm everyone. It’s so cute how obsessed she is with her cousin! He seems very patient with her 🙂

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