Perling Falls {Springbrook National Park}

I mentioned here that we had taken a day trip to Springbrook National Park while we were entertaining family, but I wanted to share more about our day.

Travis and I had visited Springbrook and done the Perling Falls hike back when I was quite pregnant. As pretty as it was, the falls were a mere trickle while we were there. Since it was the same time of year I was worried that we would have the same fate.

So, I did what any other millennial traveler would do and I searched the Instagram hashtag and geo tag for recent photos hoping to see any pics from the past few days. Every picture I saw (and I was careful to read captions to make sure they weren’t throwback pics) looked like the falls were flowing nicely, so we took off first thing that morning.

When I put the address in google maps it said that the location may be closed. I decided to do a little further research and found that one entrance to Perling Falls was closed due to damage from Cyclone Debbie (back in March) but you could still get to them from another entrance. From what my mother-in-law and I could understand it was just one pathway that was closed, not any roads. So we continued on and about an hour into the drive, Leighton began getting restless as the road began to wind through the hills.

We continued to follow the signs for Springbrook and Perling Falls and were only 20 minutes away when we heard Leighton puke. We couldn’t pull over for a few more minutes because there wasn’t a shoulder, so we kept driving until we saw two men in lawn chairs sitting in the middle of the road. We pulled over to clean Leighton up and I went to figure out what was going on. Don’t worry the road to the falls was closed. No need to change any signage letting people know when you can just pay two guys $25 an hour to sit in lawn chairs and let people know AFTER they have already driven over an hour (I’m not bitter at all).

One of the men explained that you could still reach the falls but you would have to drive back down the mountain, get back on the freeway, take the next exit and go up from the other direction. Oh and he said he had been at the falls over the weekend and they were barely flowing. In fact he suggested just visiting Hinze Dam instead which wasn’t as far.

Defeated we got back into the car and headed back down towards the dam. Hinze Dam was actually pretty impressive and they did a really nice job on the cafe and all the informational exhibits around the grounds, but at the end of the day it was just a giant dam. Since we had already driven half an hour to get there we were now only 30 minutes from both Perling Falls and the Natural Bridge, so we decided to take advantage of being so close and head to one of them. Dylan had never seen a waterfall before, so his vote was clear.

Thirty minutes later (and no puke) we made it the picnic grounds at the entrance of the hike. We plopped down a blanket and ate our lunch before gearing up for the hike.

We walked a bit before getting to the viewing deck and we saw the man from earlier was clearly mistaken- the falls were flowing.

The hike down took about an hour and was really scenic.

The end had quite a bit of stairs, but it was all worth it when we got to the falls.

It was absolutely stunning. The water was flowing and there was a rainbow streaking right through the middle. We hung around the bottom for a while taking about 646 pictures each of the rainbow and waterfall.

Dylan climbed on some of the rocks to get an even closer look while we cheered him on. Leighton loved the waterfall and chatted loudly at everyone around us.

I got several comments from passerbys on my 10kg load I was about to lug back to the top. The plus side of baby wearing is the extra workout!

We stopped by a nearby cafe on the way out to get a refreshment and tire the kids out before the drive home. We skipped the more touristy place right by the park entrance and headed for the local joint.

It was the perfect choice because it had a beautiful, big garden for us to hang out in before hitting the road and calling it a day. Although the day started off a little rough, it ended up being one of everyone’s favorites from their trip.

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8 thoughts on “Perling Falls {Springbrook National Park}

  1. That totally sucks that it took y’all so long to actually make it to the falls, but in the end it’s totally worth it! I’m glad that Dylan wanted to see the falls and that it actually ended up flowing! I can’t believe that guy was totally wrong about how much the falls were flowing, and I’m glad that you didn’t decide to listen to him! The rainbow right through them is just so pretty!

  2. The falls looks gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a waterfall that tall. And how cool that there’s a rainbow in the middle of it! And gosh, you must be so fit now wearing a baby around everywhere and climbing all those steps!

  3. Love waterfalls! I really like hikes that take you (or end) to a waterfall. Can’t resist those! Your initial story reminds me of a time I hiked in Hawaii and ended up seeing a “dry” waterfall. #WanderfulWednesday

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