Four Years. Four Photos.

Last Thursday was our four year wedding anniversary. This year the date seemed to sneak up on both of us, and neither us planned or bought anything. Travis spent the day at a work golf tournament and Leighton and I were running around at the shops with a friend. We always meet Trav for happy hour at the local watering hole by our house on Thursdays, so we decided to just have dinner there as well.


The last few years I have posted something cute or sentimental in honor of this day, but I thought I would do something different and post a picture from each year of marriage that I think represents that time period- marriage, moving to Australia, traveling the world, and parenthood.

That’s all for today. The entire Rhoads clan will be here this week (my parents and sister got in Saturday) to celebrate Leighton’s birthday, so we will be busy, busy!


15 thoughts on “Four Years. Four Photos.

  1. Happy belated anniversary! I feel like each year the anniversary really does just sneak up on you more and more! I love that Leighton was with y’all this year, and I hope that y’all have a great time celebrating her birthday with your family!

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