Leighton {Twelve Months} 

Holy moly, it’s the last monthly update. I no longer have a baby, I am a mother to a toddler. How fast did this year fly by?




6 teeth- she only had 3 at the last update!

Mostly all 18M clothing and size 3 or 4 in shoes


Leighton still lovessss food. She will pretty much eat anything although she does get tired of things if she has them too often. The exception to that is peas, she always loves those. She drinks two bottles of cow’s milk a day (morning and night) and occasionally has some in a sippy cup in the late afternoon. She loves drinking water out of any cup, wether it’s hers or not. She tried cake for the first time at her party and ate her whole “smash” slice!


Knock on wood she is still sleeping great, between 11-12 hours at night. She takes two naps one around 9 and one around 2. Those range anywhere from 1-2 hours each. I’ve noticed she has been sleeping a bit longer at night since she has become so active.


Scaring people by sneaking up behind them, bathrooms, walking everywhere, all foods, attention, bracelets or anything that can be worn like one, wearing her backpack, dogs, being outside, cheersing


Closed doors, putting her pjs on after bath time, people singing happy birthday to her

  • First non-US international trip to New Zealand (still need to blog about all we did!)

  • Spending lots of time with her cousin and grandma in Brisbane.
  • Another family trip to the Granite Belt.

  • Taking her one year photographs (shared here).
  • Celebrating our fourth anniversary with that little nugget in tow.
  • My family coming to town for her birthday and getting to spend time with both of my siblings.

  • Hanging out with the koalas and kangaroos at Lone Pine.

  • Celebrating her birthday with family and friends at the park (lots more pics to come).

Developmental Milestones
  • WALKING, WALKING, WALKING. It’s crazy when I posted the last month’s update she was just starting to take a few steps and now she insists on full blown walking all the time. She never stops unless she’s eating or sleeping.
  • Babbling all the time and mimicking sounds that we make. Clicking her tongue is her favorite.
  • Saying “ta” (Aussie slang for thanks) for things she wants and wants to give. Occasionally says dog but mostly refers to all animals as “ba”
  • Understanding more and more commands. She knows how to give high fives, pats, kiss (although will rarely give them) and her favorite- cheers.
What’s Up Next…

We are spending the next few days with my parents before they head  back to Texas. Then it is back to our routine of playgroups, swimming and YMCA time.

The Outtakes

And just like that, one year is over. I have loved having these posts to look back on and even though I won’t be doing monthly updates you will still see plenty of Leighton spam in these parts.

9 thoughts on “Leighton {Twelve Months} 

  1. OMG SHE SAYS TA, I DIE. omg. that is so freaking cute. i am really hoping i can force my kids to say it but i’m thinking my odds aren’t good. i’ll be lucky to get mum instead of mom lol.
    i can’t believe she’s one already! i love watching snaps of her, she’s so adorable.

  2. Yayyy! Happy birthday Leighton! So glad the party went well and you had some family time.

    I love that she does cheers – girl has a lifetime of fun ahead of her 🙂

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