Recipe Recap {August}

Hi friends!

I am finally done with Leighton’s birthday posts and hopefully going to be getting back into the swing of regular blogging. I was looking through my editorial calendar from the past few months and I didn’t realize how badly I have been slacking. In fact, I haven’t done one of these recaps since May. Eek. So this is really a June, July and August recap of our favorite new recipes.

The BEST Steak Fajitas by Little Spice Jar

So back in June we bought a grill and decided to have some friends (Aussies and Texans) over for a tex-mex night. It only took 4 butchers to find sore skirt steak, but we were determined to make the experience as authentic as we could. We used this recipe to marinade the steak and it was so yummy!

Easy Grilled Chicken via Damn Delicious 

Speaking of the grill, this has been my go to chicken recipe. So simple with ingredients you already have on hand. Pretty sure we have this once a week with a side of veggies.

Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs via The Bewitchin’ Kitchen 

This might be my favorite thing I have made recently. It’s also great if you are doing baby let weaning or just have little ones. Leighton had the meatballs without the sauce and with. I also had never made cauliflower rice before, but it was really good!

Spicy Chicken & Corn Tacos via Mix and Match Mama

Anyone else obsessed with reading about Shay’s life? Cutest family ever. I have been reading her blog for ages (like before I even really knew what a blog was) but I have only recently been trying some of her recipes. We made this one when my 10 year old nephew was here and it was kid approved!

Blackened Chicken and Avocado Salad via North South Blonde 

We are trying to eat light over here after all the festivities lately, so I have been searching out any recipes with healthy buzz words (you know whole 30, paleo.. that type of thing). Well this one had three of those words AND it was delicious.

Well I am sure we made other recipes in the past three months, but alas my memory escapes me. We also hosted a total of 7 guests in 6 weeks, so there was plenty of dining out as well.

Have a great weekend and I will be back next week with (hopefully) a couple new posts.

2 thoughts on “Recipe Recap {August}

  1. We’re always searching for lighter meals too, and that blackened chicken and avocado salad sounds amazing! I didn’t even think about how hard it would be to find all of the ingredients that you needed for fajitas, but I’m glad that you were able to bring some Texas to Australia!

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