Life Lately

Hi friends!

Hope you enjoyed Alex’s guest post earlier this week. It’s been a little while since I have done an update on what is going on around here, so I figured today would be a good day for that.

Riverfire 2017

Two weeks ago we celebrated our 4th Riverfire in Brisbane. Every year at the end of September to cap off the month long Brisbane Festival, the city puts on a massive fireworks show in two spots over the river. One of the spots in over the Story Bridge. The show starts off with different fighter pilots doing tricks and then continues on with the biggest display of fireworks I have ever seen. The trick every year is finding the best vantage point. People pay top dollar to book in at riverside restaurants or even take party boats down the river to get a good view. This year we got really lucky and one of my friends just moved into a house right by the Story Bridge. We went over that afternoon and enjoyed food and drinks in their backyard before watching the show.

And for fun, here are pictures from the past three years.

2014- we watched at our friend Gabe’s apartment. He’s a fellow Texas State Alumni, so we naturally had to do the “eat em up cats” hand gesture for the picture

2015- We got lucky and were invited to a work dinner at a restaurant right along the river. Trav flew in from Papau New Guinea right before

2016- Look at those tired new parents with their not even two month old baby camped out


We are officially moving! Don’t worry we are staying in Brisbane, just moving across the river to a townhouse with a little more space (and a community pool!). We looked at the place on Saturday and signed the lease and locked it in today, so it has been a pretty quick process.

Where we live now is so conveniently located to the city, restaurants, parks etc but our apartment is right in the middle of so much construction. During the day I hate to even open the patio doors because it is so noisy. So after 3 years of apartment living, we were ready to have a little more space and privacy. We will definitely miss this neighborhood since it’s the only place we have lived since we moved here in 2014. Luckily we are only a short ferry ride away (literally like 2 minutes) and we are moving to another suburb we have spent a lot of time in and already feel comfortable in. The big day is November 4th, so we have three weeks to get all packed up!

Leighton Lately

Since I am no longer doing Leighton’s monthly updates I thought I would share a bit about what she is like these days since she is growing and changing so fast!

She is so busy and always on the move. Leighton loves taking care of her baby dolls, but mostly her puppy dog “Ba” (Leighton for dog) if it’s up to her Ba goes everywhere with us.

The few things that will get her to sit still are reading books (by the end of the day they are in every room of the house), food and coloring (scribbling). She is still going to the child care at the Y and loves to sit at the little table and draw with the big kids, even if half of the time she doesn’t push hard enough to make a mark.

She loves all things girly and accessorizes constantly.

Her vocabulary is growing every day. At her year appointment she was barely saying a couple “words” that were really more just sounds. Now she says Dad/Da, Ta (thank you), uh oh, up, hat, ba (dog), baby, tickle tickle, whoa whoa and her attempts at saying please are pretty hilarious (mostly eeeese or peepee). She loves to tickle anyone and anything, but mostly little baby feet.

She cracks us up with her facial expressions, especially her angry face and her puppy dog impression (videos below).

She is still in love with dogs and makes her panting face at strangers all the time which I always feel the need to explain. I feel like she learns something new everyday and I just want time to slow down!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be relaxing now that we don’t have to spend our Saturday looking for a place to live.

7 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Hooray for moving into a new townhouse, and one that has a community pool as well! I’m sure that y’all are going to love visiting with Leighton! And seriously she gets cuter and cuter everyday! Her hair is so adorable, and I love that she’s obsessed with dogs too! That’s awesome that you were able to watch the fireworks at your friend’s brand new place! That sounds a lot more fun than trying to find a place to watch with all the people!

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