Lake Wivenhoe Day Trip

We have had some pretty cruddy weather here in Brisbane the last week or two. So, when the sun was shining on Sunday we knew we had to take advantage and head somewhere new. Travis suggested Lake Wivenhoe, which is an hour from Brisbane, and we decided to hit the road after breakfast.

We arrived that information centre a little before 11 and honestly had no idea where to go from there. After checking out some maps and talking to the woman at the desk, I found out there are only two sections that are designated for swimming. The rest of the areas are reserved for camping, fishing and boating. The closest swimming are to us was just down the road at Logan’s Inlet.

When we pulled up there was hardly anyone there. So we posted up and Leighton ate her snack (she was pretty mad at us for interrupting her nap). Trav packed her food and threw in a chocolate chip cookie for a treat. Cookies are a rarity in her diet and every time she took a bite she would say “mmmmm.” We went down to the water which was pretty chilly, but Leighton didn’t seem to mind so we got her suited up.

Trav and her splashed around for a while and even though we couldn’t really go for a proper swim it just felt soooo good to be outside. It was sunny, but not miserably hot, which is pretty perfect for Brisbane.

After she had enough swimming, we got her changed and walked over to the playground to play for a little while. We walked around for a little bit longer and watched as more people showed up with their boats to go out on the water. After a couple hours at the lake we decided to hit the road and get a late lunch.

According to a 6 year old article on Brisbane Kids, we had to stop at the Old Fernvale Bakery for a meal. The bakery/cafe was hopping and even at two o’clock it was pretty crowded. We grabbed a seat in the courtyard and perused the menu of over 120 pies (the savory type). Since I am not a big meat pie fan I stuck with a chicken and mushroom quiche. Travis couldn’t make up his mind, so he ended up with two different types of meat pies. Poor Leighton just got a smoothie since she had eaten earlier, but it was the size of her!

After a good but very filling lunch we started heading back to the car when we saw some horses in a field nearby. We walked over to see them and Leighton just thought they were big dogs. She did reach her little arm out and try to tickle them which was pretty funny.

We had to get one family selfie before heading home. An hour later we were all back home enjoying an afternoon nap. We had a slight wardrobe malfunction when Trav went to change her after her nap. Leighton was not as amused as we were.

It was such a great family day and it felt so nice after being cooped up inside for a week. Even Leighton couldn’t stop smiling all day.

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12 thoughts on “Lake Wivenhoe Day Trip

  1. This sounds like the perfect day trip from Brisbane, especially since y’all had such great weather for it! I love the look on Leighton’s face when she’s looking at the smoothie, it’s almost like she’s asking if it’s really all for her!

  2. Bahaha that photo of Leighton and the smoothie is classic! That’s a framer for sure 🙂

    A nice big lake like that within striking distance must be great when things really heat up. It looks like you could do all sorts of activities if you’re a watersports type person (three guesses, I am not one of those either).

    And I think Leighton’s cookie face is a lot like my cookie face.

  3. Flimsylion says:

    Looks like a great day trip! My in-laws all live nearby Brisbane (gold coast, sunshine coast) but I’ve never heard or been to this area.

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