Life Lately: November

Hello there, remember me? I used to blog here regularly? Well I’m back!

Life has been a bit busy lately and unfortunately this space has been on the back burner, but I’m back in business! Here’s what has been going on at The Alkeks…


Yes, it has been that long since I have blogged. Last year Leighton was only a couple months old and we were in Sydney getting her citizenship, so we didn’t do anything. This year I knew I wanted to get her in a costume. Halloween has only more recently grown in popularity over here, but it is still nothing compared to the US. I threw together a quick DIY puppy dog costume for Leighton because she is obsessed with her stuffed dog, Ba. We took the ferry across the river to our current neighborhood (we hadn’t moved yet) and went to a fun Halloween festival at the park with some of our friends.

Group photos are impossible these days.

We had so much fun and I am so thankful that my friend, Lindsay, brought her nice camera and was able to capture some cute pictures of Leighton.


At the beginning of the month we moved into our new place. We are loving our little (but huge compared to our apartment) townhouse on the golf course. We’re in a very residential area which is such a change from our last location. It’s all houses, parks and a small 9 hole golf course around us. Although we are only a 10 minute walk to Oxford St, where all the cafes and shops live. In the morning we’re woken up by the birds chirping and not construction which is a welcome change.

Our old view vs. new

Leighton is loving having a yard to play in and loves to walk down the sidewalk in front of our house.

At the end of our street is the river and a playground. It’s probably a 3 minute walk at most. We’ve already met quite a few neighbors with toddlers and I think Leighton will have no shortage of playmates.

Trav’s commute has doubled from 15 minutes to 30 which stinks (he now walks, ferries and then buses), but Leighton and I are loving having more space to play during the day. Plus we have quite a few friends in the neighborhood to come over or meet us at one of the many parks.

Girlfriend Time

I see my stay at home mama friends pretty much weekly if not more, but it is a little harder organizing catch ups with my working and kidless friends. This past month my group of girlfriends that get together every month met at a Mexican restaurant we had all been wanting to try. Good, authentic Mexican food is pretty hard  to come by in Brisbane and we were really impressed by Fiesta Ole, which is actually run by a woman from Mexico. It was so fun catching up with everyone since we are all in different stages of our lives right now.

The next week I got to have another girls night out (this never happens two weeks in a row). Our mother’s group decided to have a baby free event and go to dinner and movie to see Bad Moms 2. We met at a Japanese restaurant and our food took too long so we got takeaway boxes and brought them into the movie with us, which was pretty funny. Have you ever tried to eat noodles in the dark? After the movie we continued to chat over wines at a local pub and didn’t go home until 10pm! Pretty wild stuff for a school night.

Then two Sundays ago, Travis was on baby duty while I went to a local craft fair with two of my girlfriends and one precious newborn (who reminded me how much more you could do when they just slept in the carrier on you). There was tons of adorable stuff for sale, pretty much instagram feed come to life. I picked up a few Christmas presents and a Brisbane ornament that is currently adorning our bar cart since we don’t have a tree.

While we were enjoying a long, leisurely lunch (never happens with a toddler), Trav was sending me updates of their day. Cheersing at the tap house and Leighton being “stuck” at the park because she couldn’t figure out the slope.

Last Thursday Lindsay and I went to a Christmas shopping night at a local toy store. The shop was so cute and they provided bubbles and canapés while we browsed. We both left with adorable wooden nativity puzzles for our munchkins. We ended our shop chatting over gelato before walking home. I know I sound like a broken record but I really love our new neighborhood and having this girl only a few minutes away has been so great.

I feel like that is a lot of solo girlfriend time and I am so appreciative of it. Life can get so crazy and with a toddler running around sometimes it is hard to have a coherent conversation, it is so great to be able to really touch base with people.

Leighton Lately

For some reason 15 months has always seemed like a big milestone to me and now she’s closer to 16. Leighton is constantly keeping me on my toes and cracking me up. Everyone comments on how much of a personality she has and it is so true. She is such a girly girl and a little mommy. She doesn’t like getting dirty and chases her friends around trying to make them drink from their water bottles. Travis asked why I never send him pictures of her throughout the day anymore, and it is because she never sits still! I take a lot more videos than I do pictures these days.

She loves to point out babies anytime she sees them, and a baby to her is anyone under 18. Leighton has her father’s sense of humor and thinks it’s hilarious to tell anyone and everything that they are stinky or went poopoo. Her favorite stuffed animals are Ba, bunny and sheep and she has to cuddle all three before bed. We have lots of playdates and Leighton already has two boyfriends.

Her vocabulary blows me away and I have officially lost count of how many words she knows and uses. It all seemed to just explode in the past month. One thing I know is that she doesn’t say mama or any type of name for me. She will just get silent if you ask her. I swear she’s doing it to mess with me. Here’s a few videos of her talking.

She still takes two naps around 8:30 and 2:30 and since we’ve moved she likes to start her days nice and early around 6. I noticed the other day that 3 of her 4 molars have cut through.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine and the toddler tantrums have begun. Luckily they don’t drag out too long, but she definitely knows what she wants and doesn’t appreciate not receiving it.

Coming up…

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with our American and Aussie friends this weekend which will be really fun.

Now that our computer is no longer in the box it has been in the past two weeks, I have some blog posts coming up including a day in the life post I documented this week.

The weather has been pretty unpredictable and rainy lately, but we want to at least squeeze in one more beach trip before we head to Texas.

We fly to Texas on the 14th! Leighton and I are staying for five weeks and Trav for three. We can’t wait to see everyone!

Congratulations if you made it through this whole post. Have a great rest of the week and happy thanksgiving to everyone back home. 


2 thoughts on “Life Lately: November

  1. That’s such a cute Halloween outfit! And how fun to dress up as a favourite toy.

    Your old view vs new view is quite the contrast! It must be so great to have all those parks and open spaces around. Sorry about Trav’s commute, I don’t suppose he likes podcasts…? I always use them as an incentive when I have long commutes.

    Have a great time in Texas! I hope the flight goes well 🙂

  2. I loved y’all’s Halloween costumes, it was so perfect for a little girl obsessed with dogs! And it seriously is so crazy how life can just pop up and you don’t have time for anything else! As soon as the girls get bigger I’m hoping to fully take advantage of how much they like to sleep and aren’t mobile by themselves so that I can actually go out and do things! And I think that one of those trips will be when y’all are in town! We need to plan another coffee or lunch/dinner date with Kathleen for when you’re in town!

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