Day in the Life {Stay at Home Mom Edition}

Hi friends! These are always my favorite posts to read on other blogs and the last time I did a day in the life post I was pregnant and still teaching. Well, a year and a half later things sure have changed.

Now I am a full time stay at home mom and Leighton is an active toddler. I decided to document last Tuesday since it was going to be a pretty standard day for us. So here goes a day in my life…

It’s 6am and time to rise and shine! Travis is already ready for work and when I checked the monitor Leighton was waking up, so he went in to get her up and changed while I sleepily pulled myself out of bed and got dressed. At least it’s a beautiful day in Brisbane!

We headed downstairs where Trav had already made our daily green smoothies. Trav headed to work and Leighton and I enjoyed a smoothie and English muffin with PB.

First things first, coffee. My mom bought me an Nespresso machine for an early Christmas gift and I’m loving it. I put it straight in the Yeti because as any mom knows, coffee rarely stays warm long and we had plans for the morning.

After breakfast we headed upstairs to get ready to go to the park. By 7am we were out the door for the ten minute walk to the park.

This isn’t the closest park to us (there is one on our street) but we like to meet our friends here for early morning play dates at least once a week. My friend Breanne and I met through our moms group when we both lived on the other side of the river. Now we both live in Bulimba and we meet up for park dates multiple times a week, and sometimes even multiple times a day. Leighton loves her friend, June, and talks about her all the time.

We were home by 9 and I put Leighton down for her morning nap. I had us booked in at the gym child care for 11, so I was hoping she would go straight to sleep. I made myself a morning snack (wrap with cucumber, turkey and light cream cheese) and plopped down on the couch.

Then I realized that our cable signal was messed up so I couldn’t get any channels. After almost 30 minutes Leighton was still walking around her crib and playing (should have put her down at 8:30, so she got a second wind). So, I decided to resort to plan B- call the gym and see if we can come earlier and quickly get our stuff together.

We used to go the YMCA four times a week in the evenings, but since we moved that doesn’t work with traffic. I’m still trying to figure out how to get back in a routine with her sleep schedule, rush hour traffic and their child care hours.

I dropped Leighton off at the Kids Club at 10 and she ran right in. She loves all the kids and especially all the fun toys.

I did an incline walk on the treadmill and a Tone It Up exercise ball workout I hadn’t done in ages.

Luckily Leighton didn’t fall asleep in the car and we got home just in time for lunch. I used leftovers to make some rice paper rolls for myself, which in hindsight were way too much work for lunch. Leighton had some fruit, yogurt and ham (after she made it clear she didn’t want chicken). The whole time she ate she kept saying “sleepy” and rubbing her eyes. She almost never skips her morning nap, so she was struggling.

By 12 she was out cold and I quickly tidied up the house before sitting down with coffee #2.

My friend, Lauren, came over with her sweet newborn. While we were chatting it started pouring rain. The weather has been doing that lately. It will be sunny and then rain so hard and repeat.

After a couple hours Leighton woke up, gave baby Albert some tickled and then it was time to say our goodbyes.

While Leighton played I trued to get a few things checked off of my to do list. While I was on the phone with our property manager, she came up to me wearing her bib and saying “eat” so it was afternoon snack time. She devoured a pear while I prepped dinner in the crockpot (Lentil Quesadillas).

I normally like to take Leighton to the playground before dinner, but with the rainy weather I knew that wouldn’t work. I figured we could just play it safe and take a walk around our neighborhood loop. In the late afternoons/evenings it’s mostly kids out and few cars.

I figured she would want to walk, but she apparently just really wanted to ride in her pram.

We did a loop and on our way home, some little girls a couple houses down started waving at Leighton so we stopped to say hello. Their mom came out and we chatted while the girls played in their backyard. I really love the little community we live in.

Not long after we got home, we were surprised to see this guy walking up to the back door. He normally gets home around 6, but he had to pick up a rental car to go out of town the next day, so he was home before 5! Leighton was soooo excited to see him.

It was so nice to have an extra hour of family time, especially since Leighton’s lack of nap time started to catch up to her and she was pretty needy while I was trying to mess with dinner.

At 6 it was time for Leighton’s dinner. She either eats our leftovers or if we don’t have any then she has her own meal. That night she had ravioli (which she loves), green beans (which she only likes if they are the freezer kind), and corn on the cob.

While she ate, I finished our dinner and Trav took his shower. After Leighton had spaghetti sauce in every nook and cranny and her plate was clean, Trav took her upstairs for bath time.

After she was clean and ready for bed, I interrupted daddy daughter time to say goodnight before my shower. They read books together every night before Trav puts her down. This sight melts my heart. Travis is the best dad and Leighton just adores him.

At 7:30 I came downstairs and Trav had dinner all ready to go. I haven’t made this lentil quesadilla recipe in ages and forgot how delicious it is. We added avocado to ours and topped it with Greek yogurt.

By 8 we were settled in on the couch to watch Stranger Things. I had already seen the episode (Trav fell asleep) so I spent most of it writing this blog post on my phone.

I asked Travis to bring me a brownie for dessert and this is what I got. Just a little decoration on top.

We both started falling asleep at the end of the second episode, so at 10 we creeped upstairs and went to bed.

That’s it for a day in the life! It was a pretty typical day minus Leighton messing up her nap schedule. Park time, play dates and errands are pretty much what our days consist of. Pretty exciting stuff to read about, I’m sure.



7 thoughts on “Day in the Life {Stay at Home Mom Edition}

  1. This was so interesting to read! Seems like you have a great routine going on and that’s great that you get to meet up with other mums too, it’s so important!
    Despite blogging for so many years, I’ve never written one of these posts! But they are some of my favourites to read 🙂

    • We are really loving this neighborood, on our street alone I have already met multiple kids Leighton’s age. I seriously kick myself whenever I don’t both to pour it straight into the Yeti because I never end up finishing it because I give up reheating for the 100th time.

  2. I love day in the life posts! I really am so nosy. I’m very impressed you’re in the park by 7, nothing good happens to me before… 10am!? Not a morning person.

    I just found some nice looking gluten free tortillas so I might give that quesadilla recipe a shot. I’m feeling recipe uninspired recently. Oh and we gave up our Netflix subscription when we came here so I haven’t had the chance to watch Stranger Things 2. I’m trying to last as long as possible before I inevitably give in and resubscribe…

    • I’m not a morning person by nature but Travis has slowly converted me. Leighton tends to wake up by 6, so I really don’t have much of a choice these days. My post on Friday is all really yummy slow cooker recipes, so hopefully I can inspire you!

      • I am SO READY for that post. I have a feeling I’m going to be relying on my slow cooker a lot in the next few months, it’s just too hot to have the oven or hob on.

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