The Best Place to Live in Australia

Hi friends! I have a special guest over on the blog today, Rachel from A Nesting Nomad. We have both been working on a project with Currency Fair, but I will let Rachel share more about that… 
When I met Courtney back in July, we had so much to talk about. Despite following each others blogs for years (!!), as a new expat I had so many questions for her about what it was like to live in Australia, and Brisbane specifically – and why she moved here in the first place. What can I say, I’m nosy and I love a good relocation story.
A great opportunity arose recently for both Courtney and I to share our stories with Currency Fair, giving the reasons for picking our particular neighbourhoods within our respective cities. But today, we thought we’d continue the share-fest and tell you what we love about our cities. So here is why I think Sydney is the best place to live in Australia, and if you hop on over to my blog, Courtney will be making the case for Brisbane.
The harbour
Of course I’m going with the big ticket item first. It’s what most people know Sydney for – that big blue gem right in the middle of the city. There’s nothing like rounding the corner onto Circular Quay and seeing the Harbour Bridge and Opera House just sat there, facing each other across the water. Or going for a stroll in a nondescript suburb and coming across a sheltered beach with a killer view and not a soul in sight. It links the city from East to West, North to South; everyone loves the harbour and I don’t care what you say – as long as I live here I will never fail to go “oooooh” whenever I catch sight of it.

The climate

I am of the opinion that Sydney has the best climate of any city in Australia. It doesn’t get as hot as Perth, as humid as Darwin, as cold as Hobart, or as unpredictable as Melbourne. Personally, in manner of Goldilocks, I think Sydney’s weather is Just Right.
Things come here
If there’s a big travelling exhibition, show, or band, chances are they’ll come to Sydney. We are often the first to get the latest trendy shops and restaurants, too. As the largest city by population in Australia, it just wouldn’t make sense to skip us. So there’s always something new coming to town, and you’ll never be stuck for something to do.
Easy travel options
In case you ever feel the need to escape the city, Sydney Airport can whisk you away to all kinds of exotic destinations. If an airline serves Australia, it will fly to Sydney, so you’ve got the best choice going. You can also hop on one of the cruise ships that seem to be perpetually parked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, or take a long distance train trip to Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane.
It’s exciting
This last one comes courtesy of my lovely husband, and I completely agree with it. If you’re not gawping at the harbour, booking events left right and centre, finding the latest pop up food trend, daytripping to the mountains or just going bush, then I don’t know what to say. I still get a thrill when I wake up and remember I get to live in this vibrant city – and really, what more can you say than that?
Thank you Courtney for having me on your blog today, and thank you Currency Fair for letting us gush about why we love our cities.
Thanks for sharing your love for Sydney, Rachel and thank you to Currency Fair for sponsoring this post.


5 thoughts on “The Best Place to Live in Australia

  1. Woop this was fun! Thanks for sharing your internet space with me, hopefully we can have another IRL meetup soon. As much as I love Sydney, I’m also pretty taken with Brisbane. And I’m glad there’s room in this country for all tastes 🙂

  2. I love that y’all got to meet each other earlier this week and that y’all are swapping blogs for the day! I can’t wait to go and read Courtney’s case for Brisbane! I personally have always wanted to visit Sydney and I’d love to climb the Harbor Bridge!

    • Me too! I’ve still never done it. I will have to make sure we climb that bridge while we live here – for now, I just walk across it as much as I can. Also fun, and free 😉 I hope you make it to Sydney one day!

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