Christmas in Texas: Part 1

Hello from Houston!

We have been in Texas now a little over three weeks. In that time we have covered over 1,000 miles and visited family in four different cities. Travis is now back in Brisbane and Leighton and I will be joining him on the 19th.

Here’s a little recap of our trip so far…

The journey from Brisbane is a long one, three hours to Auckland and then 12 hours to Houston. Don’t less this picture fool you- this lasted a good ten minutes.

The real winner of the flight was putting pom poms in her old formula container. I got the idea from Emi (she used a blender bottle instead) and it seriously kept her still and quiet for sooo long.

Getting her to fall asleep on the long flight was not easy at all, and when she finally gave in she was in my lap so I got no sleep.

Of course we both fell back asleep right before landing.

We hung out in Houston for a couple days and saw quite a few friends before having our first Christmas celebration in Victoria.

This was also when we finally shared the news with Trav’s family, including his mom. Everyone was so surprised and excited!

From there we moved on to my dad’s hometown of Breckenridge (Texas not Colorado). We enjoyed the slow paced small town life for a few days and spent lots of time with my grandpa and his wife.

Leighton became especially fond of her Papa and stealing his cane. This is also when we got Leighton’s picture with Santa (at the same mall as last year).

We walked into downtown Breckenridge one afternoon to check out some local shops and had to get Leighton’s picture in front of this mural.

From Breckenridge we drove three hours to my other grandparents house in Midland. Our first day Travis and I went exploring and found George Bush’s childhood home, where we took a tour.

While we were there, we celebrated my cousin’s son’s first birthday. It has been so fun getting to watch these two grow up so close in age.

We have a group text with our parents and my grandma so we both send frequent pictures and videos of the kids, so I felt like I already knew Luke so well even though the last time I saw him was last year when he was a tiny preemie newborn.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of my cousin and I when we were toddlers.

Leighton enjoyed passing out gifts to everyone regardless of who they were intended for. She was really excited to get her own camelbak water bottle when we celebrated Christmas a day early.

After opening gifts and saying our farewells, we left the car with my mom and headed to the airport to go back to Victoria (by way of Houston). Leighton was over traveling at this point, and thought it was fun to lay down randomly in the airport. Also, we didn’t think to bring our passports and only had our Aussie driver’s licenses with us. Luckily they reluctantly let us fly after giving us additional security screenings.

We made it Victoria (after Leighton screamed the whole two hour drive) just in time for the annual Christmas Eve party we always attend at the neighbor’s house. Leighton made her own friends at the party.

Christmas morning was fun with all the kids and family at Trav’s mom’s house. Leighton got so many fun gifts and we were all very spoiled. The cutest thing was watching her and our niece run around in their matching santa outfits (they are only 3 weeks apart).

That evening we went to visit some friends and meet their babies. Leighton loved the tiny babies and wanted to help take care of them. Hopefully she will be as enthusiastic when she has her own baby at home.

I am going to stop here and finish recapping later, since I already have so many pictures. I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Texas: Part 1

  1. Bahaha at Leighton lying down in the airport. Classic. I’m glad you survived the flight(s) and had a great time with family! Looks like you really packed a lot in. I hope the rest of your trip goes well!

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