Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 13-16}

I’m copying my friend, Ashley, and doing little diary style updates for each week. Hope you enjoying following along :). I love reading back over my posts from when I was pregnant with Leighton, especially this time around.

Week 13

The bump is growing every week! I’m still wearing my normal clothes, but that’s not too difficult since I live in workout clothes and jean shorts that I wear low on my hips. I’m still super tired by the afternoon, so I’m really getting use out of my new Nespresso machine, sometimes twice a day . I haven’t taken a nap during the day though this week! I am starting to notice I get out of breath so easily even just singing to Leighton gets me puffed. I was actually relieved at this new symptom because for a bit there I felt like all my symptoms went away at once and it kind of freaked me out.

My appetite has been pretty out of control and I feel like I eat three full meals by 10am most days. I did make it to the gym twice and did mostly weights and walking on the treadmill. I also had my first weird stranger comment. A much older gentleman came up to me while I was working out and said “when your time comes, he’s going to pop out like a champagne cork!” It was accompanied by a hand gesture. Not only was that a bit uncomfortable, but I also thought it was funny because I keep getting told that I look pregnant if you know me but am still in that awkward stage where one wouldn’t immediately assume. Apparently he was pretty confident my baby bump was not just bean and cheese burritos (I ate those for a week straight in the first trimester).

Week 14

We had family pictures this week and my favorite ones are the pics with Trav and Leighton’s hands on the bump. I wanted to post all of them but had to stick with the close up ones since we are still keeping the pregnancy on the down low. I can’t believe in six months we will be a family of four! This week Leighton is starting to lift my shirt and say “baby” and even give my tummy kisses. Although, she also thinks there’s a baby in everyone else’s tummy too.

I’m still exhausted and getting winded easily. I did have a few nights in a row of really crappy sleep and I was nervous the pregnancy insomnia was beginning, but luckily it passed quickly. I made it to the gym twice this week again. I wish I could figure out a time to go more often. Between Leighton’s two naps, their childcare hours, rush hour traffic (we have to cross through town) and also our busy social (aka play date) schedule it’s hard to find time.

Week 15

We started the chalkboard countdown until number 2 arrives! This week I have started getting uncomfortably full after regular sized meals. Looks like I need to stick to smaller meals throughout the day. We did some rearranging in the playroom and Leighton’s room this week, and we moved the rocking chair out of her room and into the nursery. I won’t start decorating until we get back from Texas, but it feels so real to see the chair in there already! So many memories of feeding, rocking and reading with Leighton in that chair. Also, don’t think we are just giving her the short end of the stick, since we moved we haven’t used it once because she loves to cozy up in her little reading corner.

I feel like it’s been ages since we have been to the doctor and checked on the baby which always makes me anxious. I’m so glad we have an appointment next week! I had to bust out my belly band this week and I washed all my maternity clothes so they are ready (I was trying one on in the bump pic). It’s crazy how much sooner I need them this time around. I also am pretty sure I started to feel some movement this week, although I am always skeptical that I’m just imagining it. I also started getting sciatic nerve pain when I am on my feet a lot, which I had with Leighton but not until later on. That is not fun at all. We started some new family Christmas traditions over the weekend and I can’t believe next year we will be a family of four!

Week 16

We got to see our baby this week! The doctor said he had to be careful he didn’t give away the gender on the ultrasound this time, but I am pretty positive I wouldn’t know what I was looking at anyway. He said everything looked great on the scan and I was good until I get back in town in five weeks. He confirmed what I was feeling was the baby (my placenta wasn’t in front like it was last time) which was exciting to hear. I asked if I was still supposed to be soooo tired in the second trimester, but he just chalked it up to chasing around a toddler while pregnant. I have been so busy getting ready to fly to Texas on Thursday that I am feeling extra exhausted. I am not looking forward to this long flight, but I can’t wait to see all of our family and friends and finally share our exciting news!

We made it to Texas! I wore my compression socks from when I had Leighton and planned to get up and walk a lot, per doctor’s orders. Unfortunately, we had quite the time getting Leighton to fall asleep and when she finally crashed it was on me. So, I was stuck in my seat for 7 hours. I was so uncomfortable and couldn’t fall asleep myself. Once we got to Houston, my ankles were swollen. It was a long flight without sleeping, but I am so happy to be here!

Hope I am not boring you too much with these updates, I have been going back and reading my bumpdates from last time and I am glad I kept up with them.

13 thoughts on “Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 13-16}

  1. I love these posts! Wish I had the discipline to do the same thing, what a great record of your pregnancy to look back on.
    I can’t believe what that guy said to you at the gym, how weird!!

  2. I’m glad you made it to Texas to be with family! The flight sounds like a bit of an ordeal to be honest but I’m sure it was worth it. And if it’s any comfort my ankles swell hugely when I fly now, even if I go and walk around. And I’m not even pregnant. I think I’m just old 😦

  3. I still can’t believe how long you were able to keep being pregnant a secret! I know that I was practically bursting and wanting to tell people from day 1! And the sonographer made us turnaround at our gender scan so she wouldn’t reveal the genders. I wouldn’t have been able to tell anyways, but I think that Chris had googled it to try and figure things out potentially.

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