Christmas in Texas: Part Two

When I left off we had just celebrated Christmas in Victoria with Trav’s family (our fourth city on the tour of Texas).

The next day a lot of us piled in the cars/trucks and headed out to their family ranch. We hadn’t been out there since last Christmas when Leighton was so tiny.

This time she was much more excited about seeing the cows and feeding them.

I can’t believe next year we will be showing another Alkek babe the ranch!

Travis ended up working out there most of the week, so Leighton and I did lots of relaxing with his mom which was just what we wanted.ย One day we went up to the Children’s Museum with my sister in law and her two kids.

The weather has been so much colder than our Texan bodies are used to, so it was nice to find some indoor activities for the kids.

That weekend we packed up and headed back to Houston to celebrate New Years with our friends. Unfortunately Leighton decided to end our two hour drive puking all over her car seat (she gets motion sickness), so that was fun.

We went to dinner with three other couples and then rung in 2018 at a local bar, while Leighton hung out with her grandparents.

We spent the rest of the week catching up with friends and spending time with Trav before he left Friday. One of my favorites was going to lunch with my group of teacher friends. Only half of us still work at that school, but we all keep up in a group text/snap chat group.

So many babies, plus two on the way and one not pictured. In case you are wondering, I didn’t realize I was matching Leighton until we were walking out of the door.

Leighton and I spent the last three weeks of our trip in Houston (Travis had to go back to work after a week). I’m pretty sure Leighton’s favorite part about staying at my parents house was hanging out with the dogs. I think it’s safe to say they were ready for her to go home by the end.

We had lots of playdates since most of my friends are also moms now. I can’t wait until they are older and can really play together.

We also had a blogger baby date with Ashley from the Wandering Weekenders. It was so fun to her tiny, precious twin girls. We spent a few hours chatting, chasing Leighton and feeding/rocking the babies. I can’t believe next year when we see them all three of the girls will be running around (and there will be another baby to rock).

Before we headed back to Australia, we took a quick trip to New Braunfels to see one of my best friends and her son. Last year when Leighton and I were there she was about to pop and we were anxiously waiting to see baby Reed would make an appearance during our visit.

Unfortunately we had to cut our trip a day short because of some crazy weather coming in. Since the road were going to be icy and pretty much all of Texas was going to shut down, I hit the road late Monday evening.

Since it was soooo cold and icy we spent our last week laying low and keeping warm. I also had a prenatal massage courtesy of my brother and his girlfriend (my Christmas present). It was amazing to be pampered and I could definitely get used to it.

Friday evening Leighton woke up with a cold just in time for our trip back across the world. Poor girl projectile vomited all over me within the first hour of our 15 hour flight. I wasn’t sure what to do but luckily I had spare clothes for both of us and we chunked the clothes we were wearing away. After we (and our seats) were cleaned up, she fell right asleep.

Enjoying a smoothie (her fave) on our layover in Auckland.

The rest of our journey was pretty painless and she was a really good traveler, earning compliments from lots of fellow passengers. Even though the journey wasn’t as bad as I thought, I still will not be attempting it solo with two kids next year.



12 thoughts on “Christmas in Texas: Part Two

  1. Seriously Leighton is adorable, I love seeing pictures and videos of her! And can you believe the weather Houston got this winter? I swear Aiden has barely been in school this year between Harvey and the ice storm! Glad you guys made it back to Oz okay! Aiden used to get motion sick too and when we drove from Philly to Houston, we had to stop at least 3 times cause he would throw up all over the place. Never happened on a plane though lol

    • Oh my gosh the weather was ridiculous. The last three years I have come home for winter I have to borrow short sleeve shirts and shorts because I never think to pack them and it’s in the 80’s. This year I went light on the heavy winter gear and look what happened! It’s the absolute worst and it breaks my heart knowing she feels so bad. A random trick someone told us while we were home is to put a paper bag under their shirt (against her skin) while we are in the car. I have done it for every car ride since and she has yet to throw up. No idea if that is just a coincidence, but I’m not taking any chances.

  2. Leighton is getting cuter and cuter month by month! She must have had so much fun at the ranch with the animals. But I’m sorry to hear about the puke! That sounds terrible, but just a part of being a mom, I’m sure! And how fun to have baby play dates with a blogger friend!

  3. You managed to squeeze so much in to your trip! I’m glad to hear everything went well, even your flight back (minus projectile vomiting…) and it’s so cool you got to meet Ashley and the twins. Hope you’re settling back in to Brisbane ok!

    • Luckily the second half of the trip included a lot more down time because we were pretty beat after the first couple weeks of nonstop traveling. Don’t worry Ashley and I discussed how much we both love you and your blog at lunch :).

  4. I love that we got together while you were in town, and it’s so funny how each year we seem to be adding more babies into the mix! Next year we’ll both have two! And poor Leighton and her motion sickness! I probably would have chunked my clothes too!

    • I can’t believe it either, I will need all the mom of two advice (since Leighton tries to run into parking lots apparently). Yup I was sad to see my target maternity sweatshirt go, but not worth hauling around for the following 20 hours- yuck!

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