Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 17-20}

Hi friends! It’s the last post of pregnancy updates and then I am all caught up to real time. Looking back at the bump pictures already feels like so long ago (especially since I took them in three different cities). I can’t believe how quickly time is flying this time around!

Week 17

We toured Texas this week! Houston to Victoria, back to Houston, then Breckenridge to Midland and back to Victoria again. I am worn out! It’s been so fun getting to surprise everyone with our fun news. Some people suspected it, some people just thought I was still working on my baby weight from Leighton and some were just plain shocked!

I’m starting to feel the baby more, especially at night when I’m laying still. Travis still can’t feel any kicks from the outside, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Belly is popping and I bought another pair of jeans and some shorts since regular clothes are not happening. Heart burn has made its appearance and luckily I learned last time that a glass of milk is the best way for me to get rid of it. We bought Leighton some new clothes when we went shopping in Abilene and threw in a few adorable gender neutral outfits for baby too.

Week 18

Sunday was baby’s first Christmas (kind of) and it was crazy looking at the stockings on the mantle and wondering who the little person that will be joining us next year will be. Leighton crashed my bump picture this week. I wish you could see the live version because she made the funniest face when she accidently knocked the picture on the wall.

The baby is moving more and more and Trav can feel the stronger kicks from the outside. This part of being pregnant is so fun! It’s less fun trying to find clothes that fit right, especially pants.

Week 19

Happy New Year! We are having a baby this year, how nuts. 2018 still seems so far in the future. It was the second new years in the past three years I had to sip on water the whole night. Luckily we went to a low key bar, so it wasn’t too bad.

This week I started feeling sick to my stomach a bit more, especially in the car. I am feeling the baby move more and more, especially in the evening. At a lunch with friends I obtained a fetal monitor (it was meant for another friend but she already had one). I had never wanted one because I knew I would stress myself out if I ever couldn’t find the heartbeat, but no one else needed it. Well, go figure after two days of messing with it I still couldn’t hear the heartbeat. Even though I was feeling the baby move, it still left me feeling unsettled.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to see or hear the baby until I got back to Brisbane in three weeks, I looked online for ultrasound clinics. I found a place that just does the 3D and gender reveal ultrasounds (literally called Affordable Ultrasounds) where I could get a quick peak at the baby for only $60. So off we went and sure enough the baby was in there kicking around and we listened to the heartbeat multiple times.

Even though I knew I was most likely overreacting, it was worth the piece of mind for the next few weeks. Also, 19 week old babies still look super creepy in the 3D ultrasounds. I am hoping he/she looks a little more human by the time we have the anatomy scan at 22 weeks.

Week 20

Half way there (or most likely less than that)! I can’t believe we will meeting our little nugget is less than four months. I am starting to lean more toward thinking it’s another girl, but I think it’s just because I feel like everyone is having baby girls this year. I’m still feeling really great and even forget I’m pregnant. Looking back on my Bumpdates from Leighton, I seem to be more comfortable at this point than I was with her. That also could be because I’m so busy with her I don’t notice my ailments as much. I did brake down and replace my bras with wireless bralettes because the bands were getting so tight. Hopefully the second half of the pregnancy goes as smoothly as the first! I don’t want to wish the time away because I don’t want Leighton to get older (and two under two is scary).

That’s all for now! The next update will be in a few weeks.



14 thoughts on “Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 17-20}

  1. You look so cute! Oh, I forgot how uncomfortable underwire bras were while I was pregnant. Even though I lost the baby-weight (and even more, but that was probably also muscle mass…haha) I never could fit back into my old bra band size. I guess my ribs still haven’t returned!

    • I feel like I never want to go back to wire bras after remembering how great these feel. It’s so weird how that is the part that grows so much. I thought it was just because Leighton was breech and so high up in my ribs, but nope.

  2. I remember you telling me the story about the fetal heartbeat monitor and I totally would have been the exact same way with freaking myself out! Feeling the baby move is definitely the fun part and I don’t miss the pregnancy heartburn! I’m glad that you’re feeling better this pregnancy or are too busy to notice!

  3. Yeah sometimes technology causes more stress than good! I’m glad you got everything straightened out though. Feeling kicks must be pretty wild.

    Random question – where is your phone case from?? I want one with a loop on the back but the only ones I can find are from the US. Please tell me yours is from Australia somewhere?!

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