Byron Bay for the Day

Last weekend was a long weekend because of the Australia Day holiday on Friday. We didn’t do much for Australia Day, so once Saturday rolled around we decided to hit the road and hang out in Byron Bay for the day.

We hit the road by 8am that morning and were in Byron by 10 (which is actually 11 their time, since we crossed the New South Wales border). This worked out well since Leighton could take a little snooze on the way. It was already so hot outside, we immediately found street parking and headed straight to the beach.

It was very sunny and hot out that day, so we made sure to set up our little beach tent for shade and lather on the sunscreen.

We played in the waves (not the sand because Leighton thinks it’s “yucky”) and walked along the beach looking for rocks. After a quick snack and smoothie break in the tent, we were back out jumping in the waves.

After we had enough, we walked around a bit through the cute town center. Byron Bay is such a unique and fun place to visit. You will never be bored people watching either, there are folks from all walks of life and someone always wanting to read your palm or tell you your fortune. It started to sprinkle a bit as we walked but the dark clouds quickly passed by.

When we couldn’t decide on a place to eat lunch, we chose to move on to the next stop on the itinerary, The Farm at Byron Bay, and eat there.

We had been hearing about The Farm for a while now, but hadn’t made it out there yet. Luckily, it was right on the way out of town so the perfect place to go before we headed home. The Farm is a working farm that also houses a restaurant, bakery, produce store and flower shop. So you get to see the animals and produce that they sell and serve. It’s supposed to be a learning experience as well as a culinary one.

Unfortunately since we were arriving a bit late for lunch (2pm) they were closing down the restaurant, Three Blue Ducks, for a private event so we couldn’t eat off of their menu. The bakery and BBQ stand were still open though, so we grabbed a sandwich and a bbq lamb wrap to share between us. The grounds are so pretty and we found a picnic table overlooking the fields to post up at. There were people all around picnicking in the grass.

After eating we strolled around and looked at the flowers and the animals. Leighton was very excited to see this sheep and ran up to him excitedly. When she did, his cow friend got a bit protective and let out the loudest moo and scared her half to death. I felt bad for her, but it was absolutely hilarious at the time.

The sun was getting a bit intense at this point and I realized I was getting a sunburn on my feet, which is never fun, so we decided to head for the shade. We scoped out the produce shop and I headed back to the bakery in hopes of getting one of their homemade donuts to take home. Unfortunately they were sold out, but I picked up a scrumptious pan au chocolat I enjoyed later.

With full tummies and sun kissed skin we headed back to Brisbane. Leighton and I both took nice long naps while Trav drove the hour and forty five minute commute. It’s safe to say we will be back, Byron.






21 thoughts on “Byron Bay for the Day

  1. First thing first, did you see Chris Hemsworth? lol Awe I have been telling Lyndon (since we started dating pretty much) that I want to go to Scotland to see the “hairy cows”. Now I can just go to Australia! We might actually go to Australia for our honeymoon! It’s on top of the list right now!

  2. You guys managed to have a packed day even with little ones!!! That beach looks lovely right now – while I sit here next to a space heater, lol. Those sunflower fields are beautiful!! Australia is interesting in the fact that it has everything from the desert, to the beautiful beaches, to the farmland and wine country! I just need to convince my husband on the long, long, long flight. Maybe the hairy cows will help? He did love seeing the sheep in Ireland? *shrugs*

    • That’s what I still (even 3.5 years later) find so fun, you can literally see it all without even leaving your state. I was so read for the sun when I was in Texas over winter and now I am just waiting for summer to be over. It is just too hot!

  3. That sounds like a perfect day trip that yโ€™all took! I wish that Galveston was nicer because itโ€™d be the perfect day trip from Houston! Bummer that they were sold out of donuts, but it sounds like the farm was amazing to check out and yโ€™all got to see a lot too!

    • It was really fun, next time I would rather spend the night though so we would have somewhere to hide out during the heat of the day. That hole in the ozone layer is no joke. We always say that Australia has ruined us for Galveston, not that we were over raving over it’s pristine beaches but still…

  4. Omg that cow is the cutest thing ever! And how cute that he’s so protective of his sheep friend! I love that field of sunflowers too! You guys really know how to do a beach day right. I don’t like being out in direct sunlight for so long, so having a beach tent sounds perfect for being able to enjoy the beach!

    • Sunflowers were our wedding flower so I’m extra partial to them myself. Yeah we never actually spend that much time on the beach, because we both have pretty short attention spans and I’m terrified of getting a bad burn.

  5. This looks like such a nice Saturday! I love getting out to the coast for the weekend. It’s good for the soul. And it’s so nice that Leighton likes the water, she looks so happy! A lot of my younger cousins wouldn’t even get close and would scream if they were dipped in! She looks like she’s way more down for adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I don’t think I can read one of your posts without commenting that Leighton just seems to get cuter every time ๐Ÿ˜€ that cow/sheep story – too funny, poor wee thing! I love getting out of town and away when I can too, and Byron Bay seems like a great escape.

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