Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 21-24}

Hi friends! We are officially in real time now with the bump dates, so if you are sick of reading them you won’t be seeing one for another month. For those of you that enjoy following a long, here is the past month of pregnancy musings.

Week 21

Well I was definitely too smug in my last bump date bragging about how comfortable I was… On the day I hit 21 weeks I drove a few hours to visit a friend and once I got there my belly was so tight. I thought it was because I didn’t drink very much water on the drive (hello toddlers and bathroom breaks, no thanks), but even after chugging water all day the feeling didn’t stop. I felt like my stomach was trying to stretch and there just wasn’t room.

My friend I was staying with suggested it could be growing pains since I am at the halfway point. Either way it was very uncomfortable (but not painful enough to be worrisome) and I got zero sleep that night because I was tossing and turning. Luckily I was feeling better the next day and the following I was back to normal. It definitely was a reminder of how awkward and uncomfortable those later weeks of pregnancy are though.

I am glad I started feeling better because I had a prenatal massage later that week and I wanted to be able to fully enjoy it. I also flew back to Brisbane from Texas and I can’t imagine feeling that way still all cramped up on the plane (with a 24lb toddler on top of me). The flight went as well as it could have (minus Leighton getting sick) and I was able to drink enough water and walk around so I wasn’t swollen like the flight over.

Week 22

This has been a big week for baby number 2! We had our big anatomy scan on Tuesday and they said everything looked great. They also pointed out that he/she was growing quite nicely on the larger side of average, which I could have guessed based on my tummy this time around. They also pointed out that my placenta is well out of the way and that explains why I feel he/she move all the time.

Placenta position aside I still feel like this baby is a lot more active than Leighton was and sure enough the technician and doctor mentioned how they would not stay still the whole time we were watching. I’m not going to lie ultrasounds (especially the 3D ones) always kind of weird me out because the babies still look like aliens, but it is still fun to see the little human I have been feeling wiggle around so much. I am pretty sure they have the same button nose as Leighton does (and we saw in her 3D scan when she was 19 weeks).

We also saw my regular OB on Wednesday and scheduled the baby’s birth. Since I am having a scheduled c-section it is just a matter of putting it on a calendar. Obviously, the baby could come anytime before then but it’s nice to have a date in mind especially with family flying in.

Week 23

Well not too much to write about this week! This kid is still moving like crazy and I was able to capture one big roll on video.

I still have no guess as to whether we are having a boy or girl (Trav thinks boy). I’ve organized the nursery (aka empty room) closet a bit and am starting to think about what we need to get before May comes, mainly a double stroller and double monitor (thinking this one and this one, if anyone has any thoughts). We’re also coming up with a list of things (like trips) we want to do before life gets a bit more hectic with two babies.

This week marked my return to the gym after almost two months. Leighton was not too pleased to be left at the nursery but they said she perked up after some cuddles. It always takes her a bit when we haven’t been in a while. I wrote about the pregnancy workout I did here. It felt really good to lift weights and get back into the gym. I did have a bit of sciatic pain that tends to happen when I walk to much, so I will probably be keeping my cardio limited and focusing on weight training.

Week 24

Made it to the gym three times this week which feels like a major win. I always feel so much better and stronger when I am in a good routine. I am still feeling really good, only noticing now that I have to pee a lot more often but mostly just when we are out and I am doing a lot of walking. I will get up maybe once in the night to go to the bathroom, but not every night.

My sweet friend, Lauren, is organizing a sprinkle to celebrate baby #2 in March. You have to check out how adorable the poem she wrote on the invite is. I was impressed with her rhymes!

Lauren is seriously the sweetest (and she’s a former blogger, so I know she is reading this- hi Lauren!). She helped do so much for my baby shower for Leighton and she wasn’t even in the country for the event. After Leighton was born she organized a meal train between our friends which was so helpful. Her son was born just a couple day after Leighton’s birthday last year and she came up to her party in the park on her due date. Such a trooper!

At first I thought it seemed way too early for the sprinkle but then I realized that is only six weeks before baby time. Time has flown by. I feel like I haven’t done much of anything to prepare, but it’s hard when you don’t know the gender. I don’t want to buy too much now. I did make one purchase this week actually, a bigger backpack diaper bag.

I bought this one that if you are a mom you have probably seen a million times on your Facebook ads. I was skeptical at first,  because of the price and I had seen several different replicas all from China.

When I was home a friend and mom of 2 (almost 3) was raving about it and since then I have heard other positive reviews. I loved my Babymel diaper bag I used with Leighton, but once she started walking running having a backpack became so much easier. I have a small leather one I use for short trips but on days I am packing around her lunch, spare clothes, diapers, water bottles etc. I need something bigger, and once baby is here I will for sure need more space. We will see how it goes when it comes in today!

That’s all my ramblings on pregnancy this month. Hopefully I am not boring you too much, but I love having these posts to look back on. Have a great weekend!






6 thoughts on “Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 21-24}

  1. I can’t believe you’re already over the halfway point! It’s so crazy that you’ll be meeting the newest Alkek so soon! Definitely go with the city select baby jogger! We love ours so much, although we’ve really only used it with two car seats but it seems like it’ll work well when the girls get older too. I debated back and forth about what diaper bag to get, and a friend had suggested a backpack so I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the new one you just bought!

    • It is flying by! So far I am loving the backpack. There are so many handy pockets, I feel super organized. I feel like the city select is the most popular double stroller here, so that must be a good sign. I just bought the adapters for our car seat on fb marketplace for $20 (they are $70 at the store), so I guess that means I’m committed haha.

  2. Backpacks for the win!! I can’t remember if you mentioned this but did you have an option to try for a VBAC? I had a rather good c-section experience I’m not sure if I’d want to try for a VBAC (when/if we have baby #2) or have another c-section.

    • I’m actually really obsessed with this backpack too. It’s probably not normal how happy it makes me. My doctor said I could have a choice, but I had a really good experience too so I just figured just do it again. My mom had really scary (life threatening) complications trying for a VBAC with my sister and even though what happened was extremely rare, I don’t think I could go through with it knowing that. I’ve heard so many have successful ones though. I kind of like the control of knowing when they are coming too 😬.

  3. Aww thanks for the blog shout out! Thinking back to Leighton’s birthday party I am still impressed that Jilliann and I walked the whole way to the park AND carried our own lawn chairs. There are days my non-pregnant self doesn’t feel like making the effort of walking that far!

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