Life Lately: February

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I’m going to be honest, this blog post started as a post about our weekend but then I realized it was pretty boring so I decided to just make an all encompassing life lately post since it is the end of the month anyway. I can’t believe Thursday is March (my birthday month!) and also the month I told myself I could start thinking about baby things. Without further ado, here is life with the Alkeks these days…

Valentine’s Day

You can’t recap February without mentioning Valentine’s Day. It was too warm to keep this outfit on all day, but I couldn’t resist getting some pictures of her in the sweetest heart tutu that was a gift from a friend back home.

After an outfit change into a second heart dress (a gift from her great grandparents), we had a fun day splashing at the pool (picking up special treat at Doughnut Time) and going for a stroll in the neighborhood.

Wednesday night I was spoiled with chocolate covered strawberries from my friend Lindsay and the largest box of Ferrero Rochers I have ever seen from Trav. Leighton very quickly claimed a “treat” for herself the next day. Trav and I both also got each other books for Valentine’s Day, a wine guide for him and the third installment of the Me Before You books for me.

Sunday in Redcliffe

We are always up for checking out new parts of Brisbane as you can tell. A couple weekends ago, we ventured to the bayside suburb of Redcliffe about 40 minutes from us. Little known fact is that Redcliffe is home of the legendary 60’s group, The Beegees. It was a really hot day and they happened to have a swimming lagoon along the bay with a little kids splash area.

It was similar to the one in South Bank that Leighton and I go to with our friends, except that is much less crowded than that one gets on the weekends and we didn’t have to pay to park! I got zero pictures of the pool, but we had so much fun splashing around for a couple hours and staying cool.

After swimming, we took a stroll down Beegee Way, checked out the markets and had fish and chips at Yabbey Road (a Beatles themed restaurant). It’s always fun to check out somewhere new to us and especially when it is on the water.

New Car

The most exciting thing that happened all month is that we bought a new car! We weren’t planning on pulling the trigger so soon, but a really good deal came up that we couldn’t pass up. Our little car Allie (because she’s a Nissan Almera) served us well these past few years, but it was time for a more family friendly vehicle. Even better is that is an Aussie manufacturer, Holden.

I am absolutely loving all the features coming from our very basic, standard car and it is so fun to be in a big vehicle for a change.

Leighton Lately

I feel like she is growing up right before my eyes. She is starting to put words together more and her vocabulary expands everyday. She is wanting to be more independent and do things on her own, but is also is a lot more affectionate and cuddly than she has ever been.

She loves Elmo right now and insists on taking him on evening walks. She will load him up in the baby pram and wait by the door saying “Elmo Walk!” and she has to show him off to everyone we pass. I can’t believe that in a few months she won’t be my little baby anymore, but a big sister.

The Rainiest Weekend

Last weekend we headed to the coast for a little getaway. A friend had offered Travis the use of his vacation home a few months ago and we finally took him up on it. All week I kept checking the forecast and it wasn’t looking good. Where we live there’s pretty much a rain chance every day during summer and it could be a 5 minute shower or an all day storm, you never know. We decided to chance it and go anyway since it was only an hour from home.

Well it actually poured. In fact the news kept reporting that the Gold Coast (where we were) was getting a month’s worth of rain in one weekend.

The view of the beach from our apartment, that we never even went down to.

We tried to make the best of our time in one of our favorite beach suburbs, Burleigh Heads and checked out the shops and their cute cafes. Friday we went to Burleigh Social. It was super cute and pretty much an Instagrammer’s dream. Luckily their patio was covered, so we sat outside and enjoyed coffees and brekky.

We also checked out a local Brewery, Burleigh Brewing Company and Trav gave their beer a good review.


I thought this sign on the way in was too funny.

We ate dinner at The Fish House which was walking distance from the apartment. Everything was so good, even though I was a bit limited on the menu. Leighton was really good despite running on one, short nap. I’m so sad we forgot to get a picture, because it was a really nice family dinner.

Saturday we slept in and went to a Burleigh favorite, Commune, for brekky. We sat outside (under cover) and enjoyed a really yummy breakfast.

Leighton only looked that civilized for about five minutes before she wanted to stand and eat or walk around. Apparently she’s not ready to have the freedom of no high chair. Since the weather was still really rainy and not looking much better, we decided to hang out in Burleigh until Leighton’s nap and just head home. We did make a mid downpour stop for another coffee and babychino before packing up.

We told her to smile and this is what we got. Luckily the weather has seemed to clear up and Sunday was sunny again for Trav’s fishing trip.

That’s all for today’s update! We have a few things going on pregnancy related this week and then hopefully heading back to the coast for a redo this weekend. Have a great rest of the week!

16 thoughts on “Life Lately: February

  1. Hooray for a new car! It’s always fun to get something new to drive around in, and you’ll need the extra space with two car seats! That’s such a bummer that y’all had so much rain when you went to the coast, but hopefully the next time you visit won’t be as yucky of weather!

  2. I love the little heart cutout in her dress. We really need new cars — our’s are almost 9 + 11 yrs old!! They are still holding up (Toyota for the win!) but I’d love a bigger option. It’s hard to crouch down when putting him in his car seat.

  3. Having a new vehicle is so fun! I upgraded to a mom-chariot (aka, Honda Odyssey) last year when we were expecting our second. I had so much resistance to the thought of a van, but now that I have one, I LOVE it. It’s so roomy, and it drives like an SUV. No more playing tetris everytime you pack the car full of kids, suitcases, and accouterments for a weekend away!

    • The Odyssey is 100% the mom chariot. My mom bought one in 2001 when we moved back to the US. Even after we were all grown and in college we had to pry it from her to get a new car. Her and her business partner still used it for their home staging business because you could hold soooo much stuff (which is how it got the nickname the BAV- Big Ass Van). The only thing that finally killed it was Hurricane Harvey last year!

  4. I love Leighton’s themed outfits! Just the cutest. And I’ve never seen a tray of Ferrero Rocher that big either, good find for Travis! Sorry your weekend was a bit of a washout but I hope you get to go and try again soon. And more cafe time isn’t necessarily a bad thing…? I’d like to make it to the Gold Coast soon, if it’s anything like the Sunshine Coast I’m keen!

    • Me neither, there were 48 of them (and I still have not eaten them all thankfully). It was nice to have an excuse to check out the cafes and have leisurely breakfast since we are typically the eat at the apt type people.

  5. gah, the tutu kills me. so cute. new car! so exciting. my first car was a holden and i loved that thing. it was indestructible lol. my weekends are always boring so i never recap them lol. the fish and chips look SO GOOD.

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