A Weekend in Burleigh Heads

Hi friends! I was on a pretty good roll blogging several times a week there for about two seconds. Looks like I am back to my old bad habits though.

Well, as I mentioned in my Life Lately post- our trip two weekends ago to the coast was a pretty big wash out. Since no one was staying at our friend’s place the following weekend, we headed back to Burleigh Friday afternoon.

We got stuck in some traffic so by the time we got into town it was around 5, Leighton showed Elmo the view, we changed clothes and headed to dinner.

We both had been told to check out Justin Lane for delicious pizza, so that is where we went. Luckily, we were seated right by the kitchen so Leighton enjoyed watching them toss the dough. We shared a pizza and pasta and everything was really good. It was a little chaotic being a busy Friday night and dining with a toddler, so I got no photos of the cute laneway or delicious food. So here is one from their insta and we even had that ravioli!


The next morning we woke up cloudy skies but no rain. Trav whipped us up a delicious breakfast for us to enjoy on the balcony before we set out to do the Burleigh Heads oceanview walk.

We walked all the way to Tallebudgera Creek, but we didn’t have our towels with us so we debated if we wanted to continue to the Tumgun Lookout (the Rainforest Circuit) or head back the way we came. Trav insisted the lookout wasn’t too high up, so we decided to keep going. I am not sure how on earth he was pushing all 25lbs of Leighton in the pram, because there were definitely some steep parts, especially for a six months preggers. I had to take a few breaks to catch my breath before we reached the top.

It was still pretty cloudy at the lookout but the view was pretty. We could see the creek and neighboring beaches. After hanging out for a bit we headed back down to grab our things for the beach.

When we first got down to the beach, it was still a bit cloudy but not too hot and felt so nice out. We hung out and splashed around in the waves and the clouds began to clear up. After an hour or so, we decided to head back up to the apartment to fix some lunch before nap time.

One of the benefits (in my opinion) of traveling with a toddler is that you are forced to relax for a few hours in the middle of the day all in the name of nap time.

It didn’t take long before all three of us drifted off to sleep and both Leighton and Trav slept over two and a half hours. I fell asleep on the couch for an hour and woke up to the most stunning weather. The sun was shining and it was absolutely gorgeous.

After the rest of the family woke up, we changed back into our swimsuits and headed to Tallebudgera Creek for a late afternoon swim.

We took the same track as we did that morning (it’s only a 15 minute walk one way) which dumped us off right in the sand. We were hanging out in the water when I went to get my phone to snap some pictures, when I caught a bush turkey red handed stealing one of Leighton’s snacks from the bottom of her pram! I shooed him away but he kept creeping back over.

I also watched him try and steal a woman’s phone from her pile of things (it was in a ziplock so he thought it was food, I guess) but luckily she stopped him. After this Leighton was not too fond of the turkeys and even burst into tears when she saw one.

When you are a prissy girl and don’t like to sit in the sand, you make a seat out of whatever you can find.

A little while later I was taking some pictures of Leighton and Trav in the water when I could have sworn I saw a dolphin fin glide through the water not far behind them. I honestly thought I was seeing things or it was someone playing with a toy fin, I have never seen a dolphin so close let alone in a narrow creek. Then I saw other people pointing it out and I showed Travis and sure enough he was just swimming around.

Later I looked through our pictures and saw this outtake of Trav and Leighton with the dolphin photobombing (second photo)!

A rare photo of just the two of us on the walk back.

After swimming awhile it started getting cloudy and dark, so we decided to go back to the apartment to clean up for dinner. I told Trav I just wanted to go somewhere casual and quick, preferably a Thai place. I felt like we had spent a lot of time entertaining Leighton in high chairs the past two weekends and just wanted somewhere easy.

After I was done getting ready I came out to these two cuties enjoying some crackers and cheese on the balcony.

We headed down the main area, James Street, in search of a quick dinner and decided to stop at a place that just said Thai Restaurant on the sign. It not being our first rodeo, we ordered our meals and an appetizer pretty quickly after sitting down. You don’t mess around when you are dining with a one year old.

We got the dumplings pretty quickly, but time kept passing and our food was nowhere to be seen. The restaurant was also filling up and Leighton was losing patience. We tried books, snacks, the whole nine yards but home girl was just plain tired and not even interested in eating (which never happens).

After what felt like ages but was probably closer to 45 minutes or an hour, Travis finally flagged down the waiter and told him he wasn’t sure what the hold up was but that we needed our food to go. I am pretty sure that they just forgot our order, because we saw large parties that arrived after us getting served. There wasn’t much apology and I took Leighton outside while Trav settled up and got the food.

By the time we got home we realized that the curry we ordered didn’t come with rice AND it had leaked all in the bag. Lovely. Despite that little snafu, we put Leighton down and were able to enjoy a nice evening dining and talking on the balcony before calling it a night.

The next day the weather was absolutely stunning again. We had a slow morning at the apartment again with breakfast and coffee on the balcony. Leighton clearly enjoyed her avocado, she was just demonstrating her angry face for us.

We did some tidying up and headed straight down to the beach. Another benefit of toddler traveler, the tend to force an earlier start to the day. We were parked in the sand by 9:30am and it was already pretty crowded.

We hung out for a couple hours, alternating between splashing in the waves and relaxing in the shade of our tent. It was already very hot outside (34c, like mid 90’s f) and we were applying SPF 50 frequently. That Aussie sun is no joke.

Around 11:30 we started getting hungry for lunch, so we decided to go pack up and clean the apartment before finally trying Rick Shores, a place we had heard so much about.

Rick Shores is right on the beach and a really popular spot, we were lucky to squeeze on the edge of some bar seating or else we would have had to find somewhere else. Leighton was a big girl and sat at the high top like a pro and occupied herself pointing out every object in her 101 words book.

We ordered several things off of the bar menu to share and it was all amazing. Leighton and Trav’s fave was the pork belly bun (Leighton stole most of mine so I wouldn’t know) and I preferred the moreton bay bug slider, as seen on their insta below. You really can not beat the view and food at this place.

Bug Rolls baby.

A post shared by Rick Shores (@imrickshores) on


After closing out we grabbed the last of our things and packed up the car to head back to Brisbane. It was the best weekend with our little family of three and exactly what we needed.


18 thoughts on “A Weekend in Burleigh Heads

  1. bummer about that place forgetting your order and then messing up the take out. rude. hilarious that leighton doesn’t like to sit in the sand. i don’t have a toddler (obviously) but i love taking naps in the middle of the day when i travel haha. i get tired too easily!

  2. Ahh what a lovely weekend for you guys 🙂 Leighton is just such a cutie and I love her devotion to Elmo hahaha. No pressure with the blog schedule… sometimes I want to write all the time and other times have to force myself to get a post out. I made an editorial calendar which is helping, but sometimes life > blogging!!!

    • Elmo is life in our house right now and I made the mistake of showing her Sesame Street on tv and so now she is always going up to it saying “Elmo watch?” Exactly, sometimes I go on the calendar on wordpress and plan all the things and other times I just play it by ear (like right now).

  3. I’m so glad that you were able to get another weekend at Burleigh Heads and with much better weather! That’s so crazy that there was a dolphin where y’all were swimming and that you caught it behind Travis and Leighton! I swear anytime I see a fin I think of a shark so I probably would have freaked out!

  4. Ugh restaurants who leave you hanging are a pet peeve of mine! I hate when they clearly forget you and then pretend they didn’t at all. Just own up to it! Glad you salvaged the dinner though. And goodness, the Gold Coast looks so beautiful! I’m glad you got some sun this time. I’d like to visit at some point, somewhere with a lovely ocean view like that must have been so relaxing.

    The picture of Leighton having a prissy sit on a rock is priceless.

    • Yes like how are you just going to play it off when clearly this party of 15 who arrived after us are getting their food? And we ordered pad thai and one chicken curry? It was really good though, we ended up bringing back the leftovers and having it again the next night. You will have to make a return trip to Queensland sometime.

  5. What a lovely place! If it weren’t for those temperatures (and me becoming a lobster by just looking at the sun from the shades, lol), I could certainly spend a day at this lovely beach as well 🙂

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