Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 25-28}

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. I am officially in the third trimester now! It’s crazy to think I will only have a couple of these updates left before we meet our baby (and life gets even more crazy). Without further ado, here is the past month of pregnancy updates…

Week 25

Valentine’s edition of the bump pic this week. When I was pregnant with Leighton, I made sure to take these pics on the same day of the week and at the same time of the day in order for most accurate comparison. Baby number two and it’s a mirror selfie on whatever day/time I remember. Everything is still going pretty swimmingly. I am noticing calf cramps in the mornings, but nothing that is causing me to jump out of bed yet. Working out still feels really good and I’m so happy to be in a good routine right now.

With Leighton I’m pretty sure I had already quit the gym at this point or was about it because of my back and hip pain. I’m starting to get into serious nesting mood and pinning gender neutral boho nurseries like crazy. We won’t be doing too much right now since we will have family staying in the nursery and the baby will be with us for the first few months (same as with Leighton but of course then I had to have all the things set up anyways).

The most exciting thing this week was we bought a mom-mobile! We had just started talking about getting a new, larger vehicle and browsing when we found a deal we couldn’t pass up. It all happened really quick, but I am so happy with our purchase. It’s a Holden (Aussie company) SUV. When we moved here almost, we bought a small, manual car with the purpose of getting us to the beach on the weekends. Well, almost four years and two babies later it was time for an upgrade. Now it’s time for the less fun task of selling our old car.

Week 26

This wasn’t meant to be my weekly picture, I took it solely to show my mom the state of my belly button (almost completely popped) but then I forgot to take another all week, whoops! So excuse the beautiful gym bathroom.

I had my first real night of pregnancy insomnia on Monday. My mind was racing, I couldn’t get comfortable and of course the baby was break dancing all night. The next morning I went to take Leighton to the library for toddler time and missed not one, but two turns before giving up. I think it’s time to start sleeping with the body pillow again.

We had our monthly OB appointment this week. We got to see the baby and he/she is growing right on track at about the same place on the chart that Leighton was most of the pregnancy (just under 50% line). He gave me the paperwork to do my glucose test. Unlike in the US, we do the full two hour test all at once at a pathology place, not the doctor’s office. So not looking forward to that! After that I’m up to biweekly visits which is just nuts.

We also headed our for a little family trip to the coast this weekend. Unfortunately we chose the weekend that the Gold Coast was receiving a torrential downpour. We did eat some yummy brunch and I bought a dress for my sprinkle and bub an adorable little t-shirt. We are hoping next weekend will be sunny and we can try again!

Week 27

Almost to the third trimester and the exhaustion has hit. I feel like I’m back at the beginning, I am so tired all the time. It’s also getting more difficult to get get comfortable at night, which isn’t helping the situation either. I am starting to remember how much fun the last trimester is when it comes to sleep. Also, the belly button is fully out (or flat sometimes) now. With Leighton it never popped so it is really weird to see.

This week I had my admissions interview with the hospital (same as where I had Leighton). It’s just a formal procedure where they ask you questions about family history, mental health and that sort of thing but it made it even more real that I will be booking in there in less than three months. I also had my glucose test done on Wednesday. The drink doesn’t really gross me out that much, it’s just sugar and water, but I always feel so terrible during those two hours of waiting. Luckily I did it at 6:30am so I didn’t have to fast too long. Fingers crossed the results come out well.

My friend, Lauren, returned all of our newborn supplies she had borrowed and Leighton thinks they are new toys for her baby doll and her. She keeps climbing in the bouncer and car seat, I might have to put them away before she breaks one of them.

We went back to the beach this weekend and the weather was great. We had so much fun and I am savoring this time so much. We have so much fun spending time with Leighton, I can’t imagine another little one running (or crawling) around this time next year.

Week 28

The third trimester exhaustion is so real. I’m back to sneaking in a nap of my own during Leighton’s (hence the lack of blogging). My appetite seems to be picking up to, and a pre bedtime bowl of cereal is not uncommon. Heart burn is also still going on. I feel like my bump growth has really slowed down from my initial early pop.

I am officially nesting and obsessing over pinteresting and looking online at anything nursery or newborn related. I can’t believe we’re jut 2.5 months away from meeting our little one. I bought a dresser, rug and lamp for the nursery this week and all I want to do is buy all the things. Going for a neutral, boho vibe this time around. We’re waiting on a crib until our visitors aren’t staying in the nursery since the baby will be with us anyway, and space is limited.

Leighton knows that it’s the baby’s room and. calls it that. She likes to play and read books in there, but her favorite is climbing up into the rocking chair and rocking her baby doll. I ordered a few little sleepsuits too, but keeping it pretty basic until baby is here and we know if they are a he or she. We are starting to feel good about a couple girl names after being pretty stuck for awhile. All the girl talk though has me thinking there’s a little lady cooking in there, but I really have no clue. We’re heading back to the doctor (biweekly appointments now) next week to check on our little Bub. I can’t believe we are in the home stretch!

That’s it for this month! Just over two months until we meet our little boy or girl!





12 thoughts on “Baby A 2.0 {Weeks 25-28}

  1. Third trimester already?! I’m so glad you all were able to redo your beach weekend! My glucose test wasn’t too terrible except I didn’t realize you essentially have to chug it. I pictured having more time to drink it.

  2. Oh my goodness it feels like this pregnancy is flying by for you! Way to go on still keeping up with the workouts and running after a toddler too! I didn’t mind the glucose drink that much either, but oh the waiting afterwards was miserable! I hated not being able to drink water!

    • Isn’t it though? It always feels that way when it is someone else, but I feel like it is going really fast this time. I think staying busy is what makes me sleep so much better at night. At this point with Leighton I was having a lot worse sleep. Yes, the waiting around was a killer, but I was allowed to sip water.

  3. I love Leighton trying to squish herself into the baby things. As the youngest of 4 I think I was allowed to play with all the old baby stuff as I grew up… that seems like something I’d have done, rather unfortunate as I was quite a chunky little thing. Glad to hear things are going well, and the fact you still make it to the gym is impressive! I hope things keep on going well for you all 🙂

  4. You look great! Hang in there with that third trimester exhaustion – hope the body pillow helps you get some good rest! And love the neutral-boho vibe for a nursery – post some pictures when you’re done!

    • Thanks! I think my toddler is currently the reason for getting a restful night, I am worn out by the end of the day. Thanks, I haven’t done too much since I “started” I keep thinking I have plenty of time even though I know it goes quickly.

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