Weekending: Family Date Night Edition

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m a day late and a dollar short with this recap. But hey, it’s the the thought that counts right?

It’s already Tuesday over here and we are back into the swing of things (YMCA, playdates, toddler time…). The weekend started a little early for me last week because I celebrated my 31st birthday on Thursday. Travis surprised me with breakfast in bed, and pulled out all of the stops with this spread. It was absolutely delicious.

He also had a present from my bff back home waiting for me and a card that included a printout for a weekend at a “rainforest retreat”   outside of Brisbane. My good friend is taking Leighton for the weekend and we are having a baby moon at the most relaxing looking place. I can’t wait!

We had a pretty typical Thursday and went to swimming lessons, the gym and had some friends over for a playdate. That night we had a family date night at an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. Leighton was too funny and wanted to bring her purse and wear a bracelet like mommy. The food was really good but a bit slow, so Leighton and I did take a little stroll while we waited. I’m hopeless at photos lately and this is the only one I got.

Friday, Leighton and I went to the Baby and Toddler Expo at the convention centre with some friends. The most exciting part was the bus ride though. She is currently loving The Wheels on the Bus, and we rarely ride buses so when we do it is a big deal. She sat nicely with me the whole way and loudly narrated everything that was happening or going by us “tunnel! tunnel bye bye, tree! beep beep! button!” I’m sure all of the fellow passengers really enjoyed it.

The expo was a tad over stimulating, and we thought the kids would enjoy the toddler show they were putting on with a character named Dougie (?). Clearly Leighton was very impressed. We did a quick shop (got baby 2 an adorable outfit) before letting them play in the soft play. Leighton found a balloon and all was right in the world.

On our way out, Leighton spotted a baby crawling and decided to yell “baby crawl” and then crawled right up to her. It was hilarious. Friday afternoon/evening we were pretty lazy and picked up takeaway for an early dinner at home.

Saturday morning started with coffees on our bedroom balcony. It is still HOT here during the day, but luckily the mornings have had a nice breeze so we are making our way back out there again. Leighton loves to drink “poffee” like a grown up even though it is just frothed milk and cinnamon.

We spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market where it was SOOOO hot. I bought this mango frozen yogurt within the first five minutes of arriving. Unfortunately, Leighton decided it was all for her. We did the quickest shop ever and headed home to get in the pool (not before Leighton threw the most massive tantrum of all times, but that’s a different story).

The pool felt amazing and someone left a boogie board which provided us with lots of entertainment. Leighton loved being pushed around on it and even stood up all by herself! Of course I didn’t get a picture of it and she didn’t do it again. But hey, maybe we have a future surfer on our hands.

Leighton and I took a long afternoon nap while Travis mapped out his itinerary for the evening. We planned to head 30 minutes away to the suburb of Sunnybank. I know I have written about Sunnybank before, but it has been ages. It’s a predominantly Asian suburb and often considered the real Chinatown of Brisbane. The main intersection has four large shopping centres (some indoor, some outdoor) and they all are bursting with restaurants of every type of Asian cuisine you can imagine. It’s amazing.

I remember when I was pregnant and we were there that we noted how many prams and kids we saw and made a note that we would definitely come back with Leighton. I am not sure why it took us so long to finally get around to it, because it was perfect for family date night. I remembered right before we left that I hadn’t taken my bump pic for week 29 (and I switched to 30 the next day). Leighton had her own styling plans for the shot, and decided to toss in a couple toilet paper rolls.

We started the night off at Landmark Restaurant, which is a well known Yum Cha establishment. We weren’t even sure we were going to be able to eat there because when we walked in we literally walked in to a wedding reception. Luckily, they were still seating people in the back of the restaurant (by the spare chairs and linens haha) so crisis avoided.

Leighton loved all of the food and watching the other kids and toddlers around us. We taught her to say “Yum Cha!” and it is pretty hilarious. We started off with assorted dumplings and then a noodle and duck dish. Everything was good, but the dumplings were the favorite. The duck and noodles were a bit smoky tasting and by eyeing all of our neighbor’s food, it appeared we could have done better ordering the mains.

Since there was a wedding reception happening on the other side of a partition, we enjoyed the music and DJ’s commentary (not in English) while sipping on tea and watching Leighton try and work up the courage to play with a little boy who was dancing by our table. It was really fun and relaxed, especially for toddler dining.

After dinner, the next stop on Trav’s plan was to get hot cakes from a specific place but unfortunately they closed at 6:30. We decided to stroll a bit and head to a different centre to look for dessert.

After a quick google search, we decided to go to a Korean Dessert Shop called Surabing. Their specialty is a dessert called Bingsoo which is like a milk shake with shaved ice (that is milk) at the bottom. It sounds strange but it was soooo good! We got a small in the Nutella flavor and there was plenty for the three of us. They also had some pretty amazing looking (giant) waffle desserts too.

We walked around a little bit more, before getting in the car to head home. We assumed Leighton would pass out immediately since it was just past her bedtime, but I think she was on a Yum Cha/sugar high because she wanted to chat the whole way home.

Sunday morning started off with a sleep in for all of us and then a bit of a rush to get to church on time. We made it, only a few minutes late, and Leighton scored a 6.5 on her pew behavior. We stopped for a coffee afterwards and one of my favorite places in the neighborhood, French Twist. Leighton thoroughly enjoyed hers as usual. She has been quite spoiled the last week.

Back at home, she insisted on putting her hat on to play and it was cracking us up.

After her nap, we met up with my friend Liz and her mum for a smoothie and they spoiled Leighton with some Easter goodies. I promise she was happy until the camera came out!

It was such a fun weekend full of family time and lots of outings, I am soooo ready for the weather to cool back down though so we can enjoy being outside and not melting.


8 thoughts on “Weekending: Family Date Night Edition

  1. Ahh, bingsoo! We discovered those in Bangkok. S ordered one not really knowing what it was and it was bigger than his head. Fond memories! He still loves them now 🙂

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