Baby Sprinkle for Number 2

Over the weekend, my very sweet friends threw a “sprinkle” for our second bub on the way. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a “sprinkle” is like a baby shower for a second (or third, fourth…) child that focuses more on celebrating the baby and less on “showering” the parents to be with gifts (hence sprinkle).

Since we had Leighton less than two years ago, we are still pretty set up in the baby goods department, so on the invitation my friend Lauren just asked people to bring a staple like wipes or diapers, and a book.

We had such a good turn out, and 15 of the 20 girlfriends that were invited made it out. I feel like at this busy point in our lives, that’s really good! I had new friends, old friends, mom friends, work friends… friends from all different stages all in one place.

Everyone seemed to really hit it off and we had a lovely afternoon chatting, eating and enjoying the gorgeous view at Amelia’s house.

There was a nice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and lots of appetizers for people to nibble on. The hit for me was the delicious gelato pops from my favorite place that I frequented way too many times when I was pregnant with Leighton.

Also, a few people pointed out the amount of Americans I am friends with, but I did the math and we had 8 Aussies, 7 Americans and 1 lone Brit (plus 3 Canadians that couldn’t make it!). So for once, the Americans in our group were outnumbered.

My friend’s six year old daughter also came out and was very excited to celebrate. She wanted to help me to open all of the gifts, so later on in the afternoon we did just that. Some people cheated and gave real presents along with their nappies and wipes, and it is safe to say this baby is already quite spoiled.

We didn’t get around to taking a group picture until the very end, so only the stragglers got to be pictured. Also, you might be able to tell which of the photos was taken from a first grader’s height :).

Oh and if you were wondering what Travis and Leighton were getting up to during the party…

Just checking out the pig races at the golf course across the street. Apparently she wasn’t too sure of them.

It was such a fun day for all of us. I have said it a million times, but I am so lucky to have such great friends here in Brisbane! Now the countdown until baby is really starting…


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