Easter in the Granite Belt {Continued}

Hi friends! Today I am sharing the second half of our Easter weekend in the Granite Belt. You can catch up on the first half here.

Saturday morning we had an early wake up from our little bed partner, who decided to join us at some point during the night. This is why air BnBs with multiple rooms are so much better with kids. We ate our complimentary breakfast before heading out for that day’s adventure.

First stop was to get properly caffeinated. We stopped by a spot that we went to last year, Spice and Cream, and grabbed a couple takeaway coffees.

Next stop was Boonoo Boonoo National Park to check out the waterfall lookout. The National Park wasn’t far, but by the time we got to the entrance to the walk it was a good 45 minute drive on winding roads.

The walk was just a quick stroll to the waterfall lookout. The falls were really pretty and one of our favorites.

On the way back, we decided to detour and check out the swimming holes. There are other hikes you can do from there, but we just stopped there.

Travis did a little more exploring while Leighton and I searched for more rocks to toss in the water.

It was a really nice walk and we both decided it worth the extra time in the car.

From the National Park we headed to the Granite Belt Christmas Farm. I had found out about this place when looking up Easter events in the area. It’s a cute little Christmas themed shop and farm. I thought it would be something fun for Leighton to do since she has been interested in animals lately.

Well, she fell asleep on the 30 minute drive there and we had to wake her up when we got there. Anyone who has woken a toddler from their nap knows how that went. She was pretty out of sorts and therefore not nearly as keen to get up close and personal with the animals as I think she would have been otherwise. There was quite a big crowd and they had activities for older kids happening for Easter though.

We didn’t stay long before heading off to our next stop. We decided to pick up some sandwiches to enjoy at our next stop, Tobin Wines.

Not only is Tobin worth a visit for the wines and stories from Mr. Tobin, but they also have swings and a nice grassy area perfect for a picnic.

As Trav enjoyed a tasting, Leighton was loving life on the swings.

We ate our lunch and hung out for a bit enjoying the gorgeous day.

I mentioned Trav took a wine recommendation the night before at dinner. Well, the restaurant owner also recommended he call and make an appointment at Bent Road Winery to meet the owners and get a tasting. They recently bought the place and don’t have a proper cellar door yet, but do tastings as long as you call ahead. We tried calling several times, but couldn’t get through. We decided to pop by anyway and see if anyone else was tasting or at least so Trav could buy a bottle.

There was a tasting already in progress and he let Travis tag along for a tour as well. It was warm out so Leighton and I hung out and worked on her driving.

After a pretty full morning and early afternoon, it was time to head back to the hotel so the little one could get a proper nap. Her morning cat nap powered her through an extra hour, but by 2pm our time she was done. I dropped Leighton and Trav off at the motel to rest while I ran a couple errands. When I returned we managed to squeeze in our own little nap before it was time to get ready for dinner.

We had a 6pm booking for dinner at The Commercial Boutique Hotel, a spot we eat at every trip. After our yummy meal, we took advantage of their outdoor courtyard and let Leighton explore a bit. We weren’t quite ready to tuck in for the night so we took a little stroll through downtown Tenterfield. Leighton had to stop at every shop, sit on the stoop and tell us what was in the window.

Our last stop was a park area with the trees all lit up. We weren’t the only parents getting out the last bit of energy from their kids before bedtime either. By 9pm (8 pm our time) all three of us were out cold for the night.

Sunday morning was Easter and the bunny did not forget Leighton. In her basket was a bath robe (she’s been talking about “mommy robe” for a while so I thought she would be excited), bath toys, a new book and a chocolate bunny that I ate 90% of.

Since it was a holiday, our breakfast options were slim but we found an open cafe and enjoyed some coffee and I had delicious French toast.

After breakfast we walked around town a bit more and visited the park again in daylight. I just love historic little downtowns. They always remind me of Stars Hollow. Next stop was the Easter service at the Anglican Church. Being such a small town, we were quite the attraction, not only being outsiders but also Americans. We stayed and chatted with some of the members over their morning tea.

Last stop before we hit the road was Boirrean Winery. I had first fallen in love with the autumn foliage there on our little babymoon two years ago, and wanted to stop by and see it again. We had visited once again last June and chatted with the new winemaker, so it was fun when he immediately recognized us (he admitted it was Leighton that gave us away). Travis chatted (and was put to work stirring grapes) while Leighton and I played hide and seek in the barrels.

Before we left we had another visitor snap a family picture. I feel like we never have pictures of all three of us. It’s hard to believe pretty soon there will be four!

That’s a wrap on our Easter getaway! It was such a fun trip and even though traveling with a toddler is not always easy, it’s so fun watching her explore new places.




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