Day in the Life {Stay at Home Mom of 1 Edition}

Hi friends!

I’m sure I am not the only one who has an interest in reading about other people’s routines and daily schedules. I love reading other day in the life posts on blogs, especially when they are in similar stages of life.

This is my third one of these posts (first was when I was pregnant and working full time, second was a guest post here when Leighton was only 6 weeks old and the last one was back in November), and they are always so fun to write.

I’m starting to get quite emotional over the thought of our little routines changing soon. Leighton and I are both creatures of habit and are in a nice little pattern of activities. I know we will get into a new routine once the baby is here and things are more settled, but I wanted to document one of our typical days before everything changes.

I picked a Tuesday because they are pretty typical, but of course every day has it’s surprises.


I wake up to the sound of Trav getting home from his run (I’ve learned to sleep through his daily 4:15 alarm). I chat with him while he gets ready for work. Lately I’ve been falling back asleep more days than not, but my goal is to get up and moving by 6:30 when he leaves, so I have a bit of time before Leighton is up.

By 6:45 I’m somewhat dressed (I ended up changing into pants later) for the gym later.

I like to read a devotional in the mornings, and my friend had recently lent me this Mother Teresa book. I normally do this in bed but I was starving when I woke up so I took my book downstairs with me and made an English muffin and coffee.

Leighton is usually up around 6:45-7:00, but likes to hang out for a while before you get her. I assume I will have a few minutes to myself before she’s up. Time kept on ticking though and she was sound asleep. Around 7:45 she was awake, this is a big sleep in for her.


I let her hang out and wake up a bit more before I go upstairs to get her, changing the countdown on my way to her room.

We have a busy morning, so I get her dressed and teeth brushed right away. Leighton insists on wearing her boots with her sleeveless dress and I let her win that battle. I didn’t realize a 20 month old could have such opinions on their wardrobe.

We head downstairs and she eats her breakfast- green smoothie (Trav makes them for all of us before he leaves) and Weet-Bix.

While she eats, we FaceTime with my mom and I pack her lunch for later. We try and talk to different family members throughout the week during this time since she’s contained and we aren’t out and about yet. Because of the time difference, once we are home in the afternoon it is the middle of the night in Texas.


Toddler Time at the library in the mall. Our local library (which is walking distance) does one on Tuesdays as well, but we prefer this one if we have time to go. Plus it’s nice if you have errands to run after you can knock them out.

Toddler time consists of just singing and dancing. It took a while for Leighton to warm up to the idea, but now she loves it. We meet up with our friends, Breanne and her daughter June. We catch up with them pretty much every day during the week.

I don’t have any errands to run, so we go to the kids section afterwards to check out books and have a play.


We leave the library and head straight to the YMCA. It’s a 20 minute drive, but with parking etc it takes time. Three days a week our mornings are pretty similar, activity then gym at 11. Wednesdays we go to a playgroup all morning and Thursdays we go to swimming then the gym. Mondays and Fridays are our more flexible days to squeeze in other errands, activities and another gym day.

I drop Leighton off at the child care, one of her favorite places right now. I snapped a selfie in the bathroom as evidence that I made it. My back is getting pretty sore so I took it easy and walked on the treadmill and did some body weight exercises and squats.


I pick up Leighton, and get her diaper changed before heading home. She typically falls asleep on the way home so she eats lunch there, and I change her before so she can go straight to bed. Since she had her big sleep in though, she stays awake the whole way home. I prefer to eat my lunch once she’s asleep, but I can’t wait so she played outside while I made my lunch (black bean and cheese quesadilla) and watched her from the kitchen.


Nap time! This is her normal nap time if she doesn’t fall asleep in the car. We read a couple books and then I put her down.

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside, so I open up all the doors and take my perch on the couch. This whole pregnancy I debate whether to use nap time to be productive or lazy. Tuesday’s are laundry days though so I at least have to get that done. We are trying to be more Aussie (and energy efficient) and use our clothes line more.

Once that’s started, I spend a solid hour (possibly more) laying on the couch, catching up on social media and watching vlogs on you tube.


I’m super sleepy but assume Leighton will be waking soon, so I don’t have time for a nap. She normally naps between 2-3 hours, but the whole week before had been giving me less than two (possibly due to the 4 teeth coming in). So instead I make a cup of iced coffee and start doing some dinner prep. Fifteen minutes in I see her stirring and even sitting up. I hurry to finish, but then she went back to sleep.

I decide to take advantage of this long nap and finally finish my babymoon blog post and a few other computer things, including our 2016 photo book (that’s how behind I am). Meanwhile our friends from earlier are wanting to meet us at the park, but there’s no way I’m waking a sleeping baby.


Sleeping beauty is finally up! We head downstairs for a snack and a little Sesame Street time. Leighton loves to have an indoor picnic and it’s really just my way of containing her mess without having to put her in the high chair. She polished off some mango and what’s left of her lunch.


The weather is still gorgeous outside, so we head out for a walk to the park. Another surprise of the day- Leighton held my hand the entire way! My heart was about to explode.

One of my favorite things about where we live is having this park at the end of our street. Once we got close, Leighton heard kids playing and took off running.

We play and play until the sun starts to set, so we walked down by the river to check it out. It was one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen. Leighton was equally as impressed and kept pointing out the different colors in the sky.


Back home and waiting for Trav while my assistant helps with the last load of laundry. I normally do laundry twice a week to keep it manageable, but last week I was sick and only did it once. I paid for it this day because it felt like it was never ending.

I work on dinner while Leighton works in her kitchen feeding Elmo his dinner. This is the point in the day where I stalk Trav on the Find my Friends app to see when he will be home. I like to see when he’s walking up so Leighton can run out to greet him. He’s usually home around 6-6:30.


Trav takes Leighton upstairs so they can both bathe before dinner. She either showers with one of us or takes a bath depending on the time frame. I finish getting dinner ready.


Dinner is served! Homemade chick-fil-a nuggets and sweet potato (regular potato for trav) fries. We usually eat healthy dinners, but sometimes you need a little taste of home.

We used to give dinner to Leighton first and then eat after she was down, but when she was around 18 months we started eating as a family a little later. This way I am only making one dinner and she seems to eat better when she isn’t solo. I know it’s a bit late compared to a lot of kids her age, but this schedule works for us and it gives Trav more time to see her after work.

Travis and I usually eat dinner pretty quickly, and then I sit with Leighton as she takes her sweet time and he cleans the kitchen.


Post dinner play time for a few minutes before Trav takes Leighton upstairs for bedtime routine. His favorite thing right now is having Leighton walk on his back, and she loves it (but of course I didn’t capture it). Meanwhile I tidy up what is left and go upstairs for my shower. Trav brushes her teeth, gets her ready for a bed, reads a couple books then puts her down.


Leighton is down and it’s adult time. By that I mean folding laundry, drinking milk (heartburn probs) and eating a cookie while watching Homeland. Does that show give anyone else serious anxiety?! I also eat about a pound of frozen strawberries and mango because that is my go to pregnancy craving this time.

The next day is a public holiday, so Trav insists we stay up late and watch another show. He immediately falls asleep though and I’m up looking at my phone mindlessly. By 10pm my eyes are fluttering because it’s past my bedtime. I plug my phone in downstairs and screenshot the time (check out baby Leighton I can’t ever change my background!), I don’t like having my phone with me upstairs because then I am tempted to google random things or aimlessly scroll when I can’t sleep.

That’s it for a day in my life these days! I am tired just typing this up. You never realize how much you do in a day until you sit down and write it out. I have no idea what our days are going to look like here in just a few weeks with a new baby in the house, so I am trying to soak up all this sweet time with Leighton as an only child.

If you are a stay at home mom (or dad), are your days similar? Also, anyone have any advice for 2 under 2? I am all ears!






10 thoughts on “Day in the Life {Stay at Home Mom of 1 Edition}

  1. I’m swooning over Leighton’s little robe. I might have to put that on Phoenix’s bday list. Phoenix has also gotten in the habit of hanging out in his crib. It’s really nice. I still put him to bed at 6pm but sometimes he’ll chat to himself for 45 minutes! He’s happy though so I’m in no rush to keep him up later. haha

    • Yes, he needs one! She always wants it on and then a few minutes later it gets in her way and it’s “robe, off!” I love how much she loves her crib, it makes me never want to move her to a toddler bed. Most nights she does the same thing, so it doesn’t matter if we put her down earlier, she just chats. It’s hilarious to listen to.

  2. Y’all really do have days filled with a ton of activities! I can’t believe that you’re doing all of that and pregnant! I was exhausted just doing nothing sometimes! Leighton looks so cute in her little robe, and that’s awesome that she had some awesome naps that day too!

  3. Her robe!!! She looks so big now, so don’t ever change your phone’s background pic!! I love all the activities you manage to do in a day. The weather is been so bad lately and Max keeps getting sick (he is in daycare as well a couple of times a week) and I don’t know if that is contributing, so taking him out has been challenging. I hope this changes soon!

    • I’m obsessed with her robe and her bunny house shoes. So cute. Yeah our weather hasn’t been great and Leighton has had a cold on and off for over a week now, so it does make things harder. If we stay home too long though she goes stir crazy and tells me “mommy dressed, gym clothes, library?” 😂

  4. You really do cram a lot in to your days! I’m impressed by your early starts, I think Australia is a country full of morning people and I am most definitely not. I like your idea of plugging your phone in somewhere that’s not your bedroom, night time scrolling is a bad habit of mine. I just need a new alarm clock first!

    • Before living here I would literally roll out of bed and give myself 15 minutes to get ready for work. I think the combo of the early sunrise (no daylight savings in Queensland) and also living with two early risers has changed me. I’m breaking my own rule right now and it’s almost 11 and I’m still up! 😬

  5. I loved reading about your day with Leighton! So impressed with how much you get done! I also used the Find my Friends app when I was on maternity leave with Ella, but it was more of a “how much longer am I on my own with this baby?!” feeling while I waited for him to get home from work. We’re watching Homeland as well, such a good season!

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