A Morning in Maleny

Hi friends! As you might have seen on Facebook or Instagram, our little fam took a day trip on Sunday to the Sunshine Coast. Monday was Labour Day here, so it was really a bonus weekend day. Travis told me not to plan anything and that he had an adventure for us.

When Leighton woke up, we quickly got ready and headed out the door. Once we got in the car and he had to put the destination in the gps, I knew we were heading to Maleny. I’ve mentioned this area before, specifically in my Brisbane Day Trips post, but we actually haven’t spent any time in the town. We drove through before after being in Montville (the neighboring cute little, mountain town) and had been meaning to check it out.

The first spot though on Trav’s itinerary was Gardner’s Falls. At first I was a bit annoyed because I had told him no hikes at this stage of pregnancy (37 weeks) and so I was just wearing sandals. Luckily it wasn’t an actual hike and only a short, flat walk from the car park to the water. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but it was such a cool spot.

There were lots of little waterfalls and streams you could walk across. The water was pretty chilly (it is the end of Autumn here) but there were still people of all ages in their bathing suits swimming and splashing about. Leighton was really jealous and kept saying “(L)eighton swim wawa-fall, eighton swimsuit?” and trying to get in the water. We let her take her shoes off to splash around and she was in heaven.

As you walked further down, there were larger falls with Tarzan swings and rocky “cliffs” people were jumping off of. I’m not going to lie, that stuff makes me so nervous even to watch.

We hung around for about an hour, splashing around and enjoying the beautiful weather. As we were leaving the place was really filling up, and we were glad we got there when we did. Not only was the parking filling up, but the sky was looking quite gloomy and dark.

The next place on Trav’s list was Maleny Dairy where you can see cows being milked and get tours of the whole process. Unfortunately, being a Sunday they were closed. We got out and let Leighton look at the cows though, which is all she would have probably cared about anyway. I would like to go back another time though!

Since that was a bit of a bust, we drove further down the road to the botanical gardens. Once we saw the entrance fee ($31 each adult) and the rain was already starting, we decided to do our own quick drive thru tour and head into town. I’m sure they were lovely, but we have a couple, beautiful (free) botanical gardens in Brisbane so it wasn’t a big attraction for us.

Next stop was finding a place to park in the bustling, little main strip of Maleny. We were surprised how many people were out and about. The cool weather (that we weren’t dressed for) and gloomy skies put me in the mood for a coffee, so that was first order of business.

We popped into the cutest bookstore, Rosetta Books, that served coffee and had a great kids section in the back. We were there for quite a while, but Leighton would have stayed even longer. She was so cute finding books and then plopping down in the middle of the floor to look at them.

From there we strolled down Maple Street and did some more browsing. Following a sign for antiques, we wound up in the cutest laneway with different food stalls and even a little stage with live music. Leighton showed off some of her moves before we checked out the antique shop. We always like going into them, but I’m terrible at finding things to buy. I was specifically looking for something for the baby’s nursery this time, but didn’t have any luck.

We were getting hungry at this point, so we decided to find somewhere a bit calmer to sit down and eat. We chose a place called Sarah’s Unplugged that looked cute and was quite busy. There wasn’t any seating inside, so we ate in the courtyard which was great since Leighton could explore a bit while we waited. I had a lamb wrap and Trav a chicken sandwich (Leighton shared with us) and they were both really good. I forgot to take any pictures, but you should check out their insta if you are going to be in the area. So many great options!

Awake & ready for another Monday with help from our good friend ☕️☕️☕️

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With full tummies, we made one last stroll down Maple before heading to the car. We were already past Leighton’s nap time, so it was time to hit the road for the hour commute home. It was such a great morning with our little family and I’m so thankful Trav loves to plan these days for us.

15 thoughts on “A Morning in Maleny

  1. So I know we already talked about your morning in person but it was good to see the pictures to put with the story! And yes, your laneway is the same laneway as the one I found in Maleny, except it was closed when I went there 😦 apparently you have to time your trip to Maleny carefully, eh!? Glad you had such a lovely morning, also Leighton’s romper is amazing.

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