Mother’s Day on Coochiemudlo Island

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. We are living in the land of toddler and newborn craziness, but luckily my parents are here making it much more manageable.

Both kids are napping, so I figured I would finally post about our little day trip from Mother’s Day.

Travis told me the day before that he had a surprise planned for Sunday (Mother’s Day) so not to make any plans. I woke up after a nice sleep in to Leighton shoving gummy worms and a card in my face. Travis surprised me with the beautiful flowers that I had been admiring at the flower shop on the end of our street (and they are still alive and pretty today!).
We ate a quick bite and headed out the door. This time Travis wouldn’t let me see the gps until it was mid route. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the ferry terminal for Coochiemudlo Island aka Coochie Island, as it’s known to the locals. The island is just off the coast of Moreton Bay.

We parked our car and took the pedestrian boat, although you can take a small vehicle ferry too. The island is really small and you don’t need your car to get around. The ferry is just $5 each way and only takes a few minutes. Of course Leighton was very excited about the boat ride.

We didn’t have an itinerary for the day, and the main activity on the island is going for walks along the coast. We checked out the map when we got off the boat to get an idea of our whereabouts.

First stop was at the little park by the barge. Finding a park when traveling with toddlers is always a win. After swinging and just enjoying the pretty, crisp morning we headed to a little cafe for some coffees and breakfast for Trav and Leighton (pregnant me already ate at home).

After breakfast, we set off on a bush walk, stopping frequently to check out the flora and search for local wildlife.

We stopped several times to walk along the beach and Leighton was dying to get into the water.

After walking awhile we decided to get lunch. We passed by the Coochie Island Resort which we knew as the location of one of the island’s three eateries (we already had checked off Red Rock Cafe that morning). The resort (they use that term pretty loosely) has a restaurant and a pool bar, but only the bar is open for lunch.

We sat outside and listened to a man playing a Jewel cover while we ate our fish and chips and burger.

After lunch we decided to head back toward the ferry since it was getting close to nap time. Our lunches were pretty small so we made a pit stop at eatery number three, Coochiemudlo Island Kiosk, for dessert.

While we were deciding on which ice cream flavor to order, Leighton was preparing her tongue to lick.

We sat outside and enjoyed our ice cream with a view before calling it a day and heading home.

Mother’s Day ended with a delicious steak dinner cooked by Trav and then I got to meet up with Chelsea for dessert! We have been reading each other’s blogs for a few years now and both experienced pregnancy and motherhood at the same time (our daughters are just a few weeks apart), so I was so excited when she told me she was going to be in Brisbane for a night while on a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand. We had such a great time chatting and I felt like I had know her for years. She was also so sweet to bring gifts for Leighton and my then mystery baby.

What a way to spend my last Mother’s Day as a mom if one. Little Houston joined us just a few days later and I can’t wait to celebrate with both kids next year.

15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day on Coochiemudlo Island

  1. awww what a lovely mother’s day! what a nice surprise. what an odd name for a place haha. that ice cream looks so delish and i love leighton preparing her tongue to lick haha.

  2. Sounds like the perfect Mother’s day! Travis sounds like the man of mystery haha, this is the second time I’ve read a post about him planning you a surprise trip. That’s so sweet. How great that you got to meet another blogger in person! I’ve met a few blogging friends over this past year and it is just the most special thing to finally meet in “real life” someone that you feel like you already know!

  3. oh my goodness you had SUCH an action packed time before we got together!!! totally love that we got to share some fondue and compare toddler notes IN PERSON!!! now i’ll be following closely to see how to handle adding baby #2 eventually!

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