Leighton {21 Months}

I started typing up this post before Houston was born and updated it not long after. Well, Leighton is now over 22 months and I’m finally hitting publish.

One of the first things I did after taking the pregnancy test this go around was do the math to see how old Leighton was going to be when the baby was born. 21 months. That seemed so far away at the time. That time is here, and now our chubby, little one year old is only a few months from two.

I’m planning to do monthly recaps for Houston for the first year just like I did with Leighton, although we will see how that goes with 2 under 2 at home. I figured it was time to give an update on what Leighton is up to these days. I feel like toddlers grow and change so much so quickly, and everyday I’m blown away by something new she’s learned.

She is super chatty and wakes up talking and falls asleep in conversation. She loves to mimic people and sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing when you are out in public and she starts repeating a stranger’s phone conversation. She picks up on phrases people say and always attributes them to people. Apparently I say “ummm” a lot because that’s mine. My friend Breanne says “oh goodness” all the time so Leighton walks around saying “June mommy- oh goodness!” She has her colors down and can count to three (after that she likes to skip to 6). She blows me away everyday with the things she knows.

I was telling Travis that I wish her language would freeze where it is now, because I love the cute ways that she says things and how she can’t say her L’s. She speaks in third person all the time and it’s always “-Eighton” who wants “unch”or to go to the “wibary.”

Speaking of the library, this girl loves loves loves books and if we are at home it is constantly “mommy read books” and hopping into my lap. She is perfectly content in the car as long as she has a book to look at. We go to the library every Tuesday for Toddler Time (which is just singing) and then check out new books before or after most weeks. It’s taken her awhile to get into the singing and dancing. She gets shy around big groups of kids and as much as she likes attention she isn’t much of a performer. Now that we have been going awhile though she will get out of my lap and try and follow along, which is the cutest. She especially gets into Head and Shoulders, only she just does “knees and toes” over and over.

Leighton is definitely a girly girl. She doesn’t like playing rough or getting dirty. Getting dressed every morning is interesting because she has quite the opinion on her clothes, shoes, hair accessories and most days she picks out her outfits. I had no idea it started so early! Her other love is still food. She requests Indian food (or just “Indians” as she calls it) multiple times a week and can eat her body weight in curry. At church playgroup she is known for not leaving the morning tea table until she’s polished off her plate along with whatever everyone else left behind, and they are vacuuming up underneath her.

Since I have been pregnant I feel like she has turned into such a mommy’s girl and is very protective of me and all of my belongings (in particular my backpack aka diaper bag). She will lose it if anyone comes near it. I definitely think she was sensing the changes in the air because she was very emotional and needy by the end of the pregnancy. I am so glad my parents have been in town to entertain her for the early days. It has made bringing Houston home so much easier, although she thinks Pops and Nana are just here for her and can get jealous if they go to pick him up. She will say (or cry) “Pops (or Nana), Leighton! Mommy, Houston!”

Other than that, she had handled her new big sister role very well. From the first visit at the hospital she picked up on his name and talks about Baby Houston all the time. If he fusses when he’s sitting in his bouncer she races over to check on him and usually “shares” her toys to cheer him up. She loves to do tummy time with him and cheer him on.

I can’t believe I’m already starting to think about her second birthday party- where on earth has time gone?! Leighton keeps us laughing and smiling everyday and I honestly don’t know how we got so lucky with her.

2 thoughts on “Leighton {21 Months}

  1. I still don’t know how you’re doing it with 2 under 2! Leighton is so cute, and I think that’s so awesome that she loves books so much! I hope that the girls love them as much as I do! And I’m glad that she’s adjusting well to being a big sister. It’s so cute to see them on Instagram Stories and to see her love on him!

  2. I love that she gets stuck on knees and toes, so cute! It must be a lot of fun to watch her learn new stuff and try and work out where she picked it up from. And good for her for being a good big sister! Must be a tough transition for sure – I say that smugly as a youngest child!!

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