Life Lately: 2 Under 2

Hi friends! As expected things are a bit slow on the blog front right now, but I thought I would pop in to share a bit of life lately.We are a month into having two kids under two. How is that possible?

My parents were in town for the first three weeks of Houston’s life and that was such a blessing. My mom cooked, cleaned and gave Leighton her undivided attention. She is super woman. My dad got to be fun Pops with Leighton, the baby whisperer (seriously Houston would calm down the minute he held him) and even got to squeeze in some golf games across the street.

When they left I was so sad, but it’s nice getting back into the swing of things and figuring out life as a family of four though.

Here are some highlights from their visit…

Houston’s first family date night to Indian and gelato after. He was an angel and slept the whole time. Then we had to wait 20 minutes for the ferry and he cracked it. So I got to practice my discreet nursing skills on the boat and walking home.

My dad’s first day in Brisbane and we had lunch at the Green Beacon Brewery, which is a favorite since we lived right by it our first three years. It’s also where we found out Leighton was a girl. This was our first big outing and Houston did not want to sleep in the car seat so it was a bit stressful.

Houston’s first venture out of the house was to watch his big sister’s swimming lesson. We also took quite a few trips to the park. He’s a regular even though he spends the whole time snoozing in the wrap or sling.

One Saturday night we went to Eat Street Markets. It’s a giant market of food trucks, live music and shops, it’s a permanent fixture that’s only open on the weekends. It can be pretty full on but it’s fun to go every once in a while. Leighton was really interested in the band, but got upset with the drummer because she thought he was playing Emma’s drums (Emma from the Wiggles is a drummer.).We had to take my parents to family fun day at the golf club across the street. It’s a very casual nine hole course and the clubhouse has family day on Sunday’s with a bouncy castle and live music. It’s always fun to walk over to before dinner. Leighton made a friend and dance partner just her size. We all took a big adventure to the city to meet Trav for lunch and get Houston’s passport photo taken. We needed his passport photo because he took his first flight to Sydney so that we could get his passport and US citizenship at the consulate. It was much easier to do this while my parents kept Leighton. He was a trooper and slept the whole time on both flights.

We we’re so sad to see my parents leave! They were such a huge help with the kids, cooking all our meals and keeping the house clean so that I could focus on Houston and my recovery.

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy flying solo during the days, but I have had sooo much support from my friends. My playgroup has been bringing us dinner every night and we have had countless friends over, bearing gifts, meals and helping hands. I am trying to get out of the house everyday which isn’t too hard since Houston sleeps really well in the wrap or sling.

Still spending lots of time at parks, during the week and on weekends.

We are getting into the swing of being a family of four. We have more visitors coming today, my sister in law and her husband, will be here for a couple weeks. Sorry for the novel, but I haven’t had much chance to blog lately. In fact, I wrote most of this post on my phone during middle of the night feedings, so please forgive me if it’s all over the place!

Coming up on the blog will be our family newborn photos and a one month update on Houston…

3 thoughts on “Life Lately: 2 Under 2

  1. I can’t believe how much you’re getting out and about with Houston and Leighton! I swear I was such a wreck after the girls got here and didn’t venture out much at all! Parents really are the best support system after having kids, and I’m glad that your playdate group is helping y’all out after your parents headed back to the States!

  2. Loving all the sunny park shots! Brisbane seems to do a park really, really well. And it must be great weather for it! It’s freezing here now 😦 I’m glad you had a great time with your parents, it’s always tough when loved ones go home so I feel you on that. Lovely pic of you three in my city! I hope Houston liked it!

  3. I’m so glad the transition is going well. I’m sure it was really hard to say goodbye to your parents. When will you be coming to the US? Don’t you usually come in the summer?

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