Houston {Two Months}

No sooner had I published Houston’s one month update, it was time to write number two (and almost two weeks later I am finally hitting publish). So here we are!

I feel like so much has happened in the past month, but at the same time he’s still such a tiny little guy.


We attended a baby clinic at the local pharmacy last week and they weighed him and measured him. He’s 12lbs 4oz (5.57kg) and 23in (58cm). He seems so big to us because he’s bigger now than Leighton was at 3 months, but really she was just small and he’s perfectly average.

He’s in 0-3 clothes and has been for a while. He also went up a size in diapers (conveniently right after I bought a new box of newborns).

He has the prettiest, big blue eyes that I really hope stick around. His poor hairline is looking pretty funny these days and I’m curious as his new hair grows in if he will be dark like Leighton and I or a light brown/blondie like his dad. So far he’s looking much lighter than his sister.


I’m still breastfeeding Houston, although at 6 weeks I got mastitis and felt like my supply was dropping so we introduced some formula. I had been wanting to start giving him a bottle of formula at night anyway to hopefully stretch out his sleep (spoiler alert: didn’t work).

It was then that I realized the reason our little guy seems to eat constantly (well like every 2 hours)… his tummy does not hold much. If you give him a bottle he will only drink a couple ounces (60ml) no matter how hard you try to get him to drink more. So I feel like he’s constantly eating and then hungry again an hour or two later, whether it’s formula or breastmilk. He’s been gaining plenty of weight so it’s more of an inconvenience than anything.


Can we just skip this part? Sleep is still a sore subject for us. Around the six week mark he seemed to be settling at night better around the time he started medication for silent reflux. I wasn’t convinced that was his issue so I tried not giving it to him a couple nights and it was the worst ever. So, we are sticking with it for now. Since the medicine he isn’t screaming at night, but he still gets uncomfortable at between 4 and 5 every morning and has a hard time staying asleep. This goes on until 6:30-7 when he is ready to start the day and miraculously becomes the happiest baby ever.

At 7 weeks we moved him to his room (after visitors vacated it) to see if that would help since he’s a pretty light sleeper. He seemed to stretch out his sleep a bit more since then and I think we are all getting better sleep even if it’s still in short bursts. I also find I’m more alert when I’m not feeding him in bed.

During the day I try and get one or two naps in his room. His naps at home usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. He is really good at napping on the go and will sleep pretty much the whole time we are out and about. Which is convenient since we stay pretty busy in the mornings and early afternoon before Leighton’s nap. At night his routine is bath, pjs and swaddle then last feed before bed. The goal is to have him down by 7, but sometimes it’s earlier.

Throughout the night we are up a lot, and there isn’t too much consistency. Sometimes we will get a three or four hour stretch at the start of the night, and the rest are closer to 2 hours still.


This month Houston started smiling and becoming a much happier little boy. After a pretty rough first month with a fussy baby, it’s been nice to see him happy and content.

He loves to lay under the play gym and kick the piano keys. He can stay under there happily for a good while. Tummy time is not his favorite although he will tolerate it a few minutes, he doesn’t lift his head much. When he’s being held or on your chest, his neck control is pretty good though.

In the mornings when I am getting Leighton up, he hangs out in her crib and loves watching her Baby Einstein aquarium. We might have to get him one because there’s no way Leighton is giving hers up (she’s still obsessed and even turns it on in the middle of the night if she wakes up).

Piano Gym

Houston isn’t too worried that it’s hot pink. I feel like all babies love this thing (also, I linked the newer edition which looks even better).

Love to Dream Swaddle

In Houston’s drawer we have every swaddle (swaddle me Velcro, woombie, Ergo cocoon, Halo, love to dream) and I only purchased a couple, the rest were hand me downs or from Leighton. I’ve discovered Houston likes to have his hands by his face and even sucks on them. LTD swaddles have little wings that let them have their hands up but still keep him snug. They are the only ones he doesn’t get super frustrated with.

Bath Time (Tummy Tub)

Bath time is still his absolute favorite. Leighton and I make it a party and listen to disney music and he bobs along in the tub. He will stay in there long after the water has gone cold.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past month…

I think that’s it for now! Hopefully next month I will have less to say in the sleep department. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Houston {Two Months}

  1. I really think Phoenix had silent reflux — I just didn’t know to ask for meds. He didn’t sleep well and was very unsettled and ate frequently like Houston. It wasn’t really until he started sitting up and I could be a little more rigid with nap training that it got better. Hopefully, the meds just continue to make him feel better!

    • Oh I bet he did! I honestly wouldn’t have ever thought that was it. Even when the doctor gave me the prescription I wasn’t sure if I was going to fill it. It wasn’t until I was at dinner with my girlfriends and one of them was telling me how her son had it as a baby and was describing the noises and motions he would make that sounded just like Houston that I decided to give it a shot. I have heard horror stories about babies really struggling with silent reflux, so I think we are lucky that his isn’t that bad.

  2. He’s seriously so cute, and I love his little smile! I’m sorry that he’s not that great of a sleeper, but hopefully that’ll change within the next couple of months! At least he’s a good napper and lets you and Leighton do your thing during the day! I love the pictures of both of them matching, I swear that’s the best part about having multiple kids!

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