Leighton {Two Years Old}

24 months of this wild haired, sassy, little lady. It’s hard to believe she has only been in our lives for two years, because she is such a big part of our family.

Leighton at two years old is absolutely hilarious. She picks up on EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. You can’t do or say anything that you don’t want repeated. She has been known the mimic us, inflection and all. People stop me all the time to say how cute she is, but people that are around her for longer than a few minutes always have to comment on her personality and sass.

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you would know her favorite thing to do is go to the coffee shop and get a baby chino (frothed milk with chocolate sprinkled on top). She will march right up to the counter and order herself, or more recently ask for a latte.

She has even become best friends with the barista at our local coffee shop and sits outside the kitchen to chat with her.

Although I think sometimes she’s over served…

Leighton picks out most of her outfits and has since she was about 18 months old. She has her wardrobe memorized at this point and if I ask what she wants to wear she will say “striped shirt” or “flower dress” and often dictate what shoes and accessories she wants to wear too (lately it’s her ballerina skirt). She is quite the fashionista. When Houston was born, one of our friends gave Leighton a little gift that included nail polish and so now she loves to have her toes painted.

She has been pretty verbal for a while, but only recently has started to get more athletic. She is still pretty clumsy, but she can scale the “big kid” ladder at the park in no time and impresses me daily with what she can do these days.

Leighton’s vocabulary grows so much everyday and she mostly talks in her own little sentences. I find the way she learns language so fascinating and love to chat with my speech path sister in law about it. It’s hard to believe at her one year check up the doctor was concerned she didn’t talk yet. She has definitely made up for it.

As a big sister, Leighton is interested when she wants to be. She likes to help me give him a bath in the evenings and always wants me to put him in her bed with her in the mornings. Other than that though she is pretty busy in her own little toddler world to worry to much about Houston. I was really impressed how she handled the transition though. She only recently has shown any signs of jealousy and that has always been when she is either tired or doesn’t feel well so wants me to herself.

She loves all of her friends and family and talks about them constantly. We are lucky to have a few other friends that live nearby, so we have almost daily playdates. She is still taking swimming lessons once a week and will start a 12 week class at a little gymnastics gym soon. On Wednesdays, we go to playgroup that our church hosts which is good for her to socialize around lots of other kids. It’s also good because they have free coffee and cookies for the mums :).


It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies over here though, the terrible twos have started to rear their head. Up until a few weeks ago I would have a hard time thinking of any time she had thrown a proper tantrum. Now, I can name a few in the past 48 hours. She had one really rough week when they all started and included throwing herself on the ground of the doctor’s office waiting room (we were there for Houston) which ended in her hanging out with the receptionist while I took him in. They have slowly eased up and for the most part I try to calm her down with deep breaths or if she won’t settle I walk away until she does. It is definitely a whole new ballgame for us, since she has always been very mild mannered and obedient. She is testing the boundaries now, so we will need to figure out an effective disciplinary plan asap.

Leighton knows some of her letters and can tell you whose name starts with them, she especially loves to find her letter magnet that goes with that person’s name and bring it to them. I often find Trav’s “T” in his work bag or by his shoes and Houston’s “H” on his playmat.

We try to limit her screen time (and only TV, no phone or ipad) but she loves watching Elmo and Abby on Sesame Street, which was the theme of her birthday party. The only movie she has seen (part of) is Moana and she is pretty infatuated. Nights when Travis has to work late we have pizza and movie night and she loves watching Moana and telling me what is happening. In the evenings when I have to focus on Houston more, I will put on Disney music videos on YouTube which is fun for all of us (Houston bounces along to the music in his tub).

Leighton still is our all star sleeper, she goes to bed between 7:30-8 (although sometimes she will chat to herself for a while) and wakes up between 7-8 the next morning. During the day she take a nap around 1, which is around 3 hours but sometimes 4. Hopefully her brother will fall into the same pattern.

She absolutely loves her crib and happily goes in there and often doesn’t want to get out, which is so helpful to me since I am often tending to Houston in the mornings. We have no plans to move her to a toddler bed unless she starts to climb out.

I am pretty sure she would love to be potty training right now, but with a newborn in the house it’s not the easiest time. She loves to read her Elmo “potty train book” and practice sitting on the potty. In fact, sometimes if I don’t know where she is, I will find her sitting on the potty downstairs. I am honestly terrified of potty training and would happily keep her in diapers, so I am not rushing anything.

And a few more of my favorite, recent pics…

I think that is all I can think of about our spunky girl. I am just so proud of the clever, loving little lady she has become and feel so lucky to be her mommy!

4 thoughts on “Leighton {Two Years Old}

  1. Leighton is seriously so adorable, and I feel like you can see a little of her personality through these pictures! Our friends have a daughter that is about a year older than the girls, and they’re at the stage that they call that they have to “parent” more than just “baby care”, and I’m honestly a little scared of that too! I don’t know what I’m going to do when they start talking back or throwing tantrums!

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