Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day in Australia is not in June like it is in the US, it falls the first weekend in September here. This year it was Trav’s third father’s day, which feels pretty crazy. He was flying out of town for work on actual Father’s Day, so we celebrated on Saturday.

The morning started off with opening his presents- a rock Leighton painted at gymnastics, a Pinterest finger painting, the new Wine guide he gets every year, a new Dad kids book (a tradition I started last year), framed pictures of him and the kids for his office, and his favorite biscuits. Once gifts were opened he headed off to get a massage that I booked (I had bought him a gift certificate for our anniversary and he had yet to make the appointment), and I got myself and the kids ready to go.

I know I am biased, but how cute are they?

When he got home we packed up the family and headed to our 10:30 brunch reservation. If you know Trav, or you have been reading the blog for a while, you know he is the planner in the family. He always has a running list of places to go and things to see on the weekends. I rarely can decide what I want to eat for breakfast. I figured the best gift would be planning the day for him, so he could be surprised for once.

When we pulled up to Billykart in the West End and he was genuinely surprised and very excited. He apparently had just been talking with a co-worker about trying it out. I found it by googling “best brunch west end brisbane” which is how I make most choices.

The place was busy but they were very accommodating to kids, they had plenty of high chairs and even crayons and kids menu for Leighton to color. Also, I asked if they had a changing table (because of course someone decided to poop right when we got there) and the manager said they didn’t have one but apologized and offered a place to use. So, double bonus points for that.

Their were so many delicious options on the menu but I went with a baked eggs dish that included tortilla chips and tomatillo salsa, something you don’t see here often. It was amazing. Trav got the Aussie Asian breakfast which was pretty impressive and included staples from both cuisines. Leighton stuck with her usual babychino and a side order of scrambled eggs (parent hack- ordering side dishes is way cheaper than actual kids meals that are too big for her anyway).

Everything was really good and different than the usual cafe staples. We took about 800 pictures of the three of them, and only Houston was consistently cooperating. This was the best we could get.

After eating, we walked around the West End, which is Trav’s favorite neighborhood in Brisbane. It’s very eclectic and reminds us a lot of Austin. We did some window shopping and stopped in a little park to let Leighton run around a bit.

Since we had just been in the West End the previous weekend and hit up the breweries, I decided we should go to The Burrow next.

Google describes The Burrow as “vibrant, colorful with chalk art, locally roasted coffees, craft beers and creative pizzas” we had been one other time and really enjoyed it. Plus they have a nice little patio area out back which is always nice when you have a toddler in tow.

We each had a beer and spent the rest of the time tag teaming chasing Leighton around, who decided shoes were optional. She also thought that the magazine needed to be hung on the wall with the other posters.

It was getting close to nap time by then, so we made a quick run through the grocery store on the way to the car for some essentials. Leighton was worn out and fell asleep clutching her library book and new vitamins she insisted on holding.

After big naps from everyone I asked Trav what we wanted to do for Father’s Day dinner. He suggested returning to Billykart or taking the ferry to our favorite ramen joint (Taro’s for the locals). As tempting as taking a baby and toddler back to a nice restaurant was, I thought Taro’s might be more our speed since we already had a big day. I took zero pictures but we had a great night and it was the perfect ending to a fun day celebrating our favorite guy.

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