Houston {Four Months}

We are 1/3 of the way through Houston’s first year! How is that even possible?!

He’s four months and a couple weeks today and I forgot how fun this age is. He’s still such a happy little guy and I love seeing him explore new things everyday.

This month hasn’t been all smiles though. Houston had his first hospital visit (and ambulance ride) a couple weeks ago. What started as a cold and cough quickly turned into Bronchiolitis (that was misdiagnosed as an ear infection- a whole other story) and I found he was struggling to breathe properly at 5pm on a Friday. I called the nurse hotline and they told me to go straight to the hospital with another adult or take an ambulance.

Luckily I have amazing neighbors and one of them helped me out and took Leighton while Houston and I met Trav at the hospital. His breathing settled down a lot on the way there (of course) and so they just cleaned out his sinuses and told us to keep monitoring him at home. It was quite a scary ordeal though. Also, I learned that ambulances are free for Queensland residents! How great is that.

Fortunately he was on the upswing from there and we took it easy the following week so he could get better. He’s such a happy little boy that even when he was sick you wouldn’t know unless you heard his cough. Such a trooper.

And now for the facts…


6.65kg/14lbs 11oz -being sick he hasn’t been eating as much and his gain slowed down, hoping he will start catching back up this month

65.5cm/25.7in -this was the biggest surprise, he’s in the 84% (always been below 50) and the same height as Leighton at 6 months

Mostly 3-6 month clothes, squeezing into some 0-3 still

0 teeth, although the nurse said he could feel the bottom two


Still nursing every 2.5-3 hours, he’s not on a real schedule but I try to keep his feeds that far apart or he will just graze all day. This month he also decided he isn’t so crazy about bottles and will only take one if he’s realllllly hungry.


Oh sleep. We were actually seeing a lot of improvement this month and for a couple weeks he was down to only one feed (sometimes 2) a night which was great. Then he got a cold and bronchiolitis and now I am pretty sure we are in the four month sleep regression.

His naps haven’t changed much from last month. He still has trouble connecting sleep cycles, so 40 minutes are a give in and then every couple days he will take really long (2.5-3 hour) naps in the afternoon. In the mornings he naps an hour and a half after he gets up and they are either 40 minutes or an hour and a half, never in between. He will sleep a bit when we are out in the mornings in the car or carrier, but takes his best naps at home.


We finally have gotten some little laughs from Houston! He is constantly smiling but his laughs are less common so they always feel extra special.

He still loves playing under his play gym and immediately rolls over to his side when you put him down, but still hasn’t made it all the way over. He is really good at grabbing things now and especially likes to put them in his mouth.

This month he went to the child care at the swimming pool (during Leighton’s lesson) and the gym. The first time at the pool, I held off his nap so he would sleep there but that backfired and he was overtired and upset the whole time since he couldn’t fall asleep. The next time I made sure he had a nap before we left and he was happy the whole time. He is still in his splash class and loves kicking in the water.

We have been to the gym child care quite a few times now and he loves it, always smiling at the teachers and playing on their baby toys. I love the YMCA child care workers, they are all the same ones who have watched Leighton since she was 7 months and they are so good with babies.

Travis had his first day solo with both of the kids when I hosted a baby shower one Saturday. He took them to the Farmer’s Market and to the park and it looks as though I wasn’t missed at all (PS how much do Leighton and Houston look alike in the picture below!?).

I am still not the greatest at remembering to do tummy time, but he is getting so strong anyway. Leighton also loves to use the excuse that she needs to do tummy time with Houston whenever it’s nap time.


His room!

I finally finished Houston’s room this month, when I ordered his crib (he had been in a bassinet and then portacot until then). I love the way it has turned out and it is my favorite room in the house.

Watching him and Leighton’s relationship. As he gets bigger and more interactive, Leighton has started to play and talk with him more. It is so sweet. She gets in his face and says “Oh Houston, you a big boy!” or sings Let It Go to him when he is upset.

And now for the rest of my favorite pictures from this month…

I am sooooo lucky to have such a happy, chilled out little guy as my son. That cheeky grin makes even the roughest nights worth it.

8 thoughts on “Houston {Four Months}

  1. Love reading these recaps, it’s so much fun to read about someone in a similar situation. Nice job on Houston’s room, it’s gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the bronchiolitis but I’m glad to see he has recovered well. And you’ve inspired me to check out the créche at our local swimming pool, I’d love to have some time to go swimming on my own!

  2. I seriously can’t believe how big he is and that he’s already 4 months old! That’s seriously so scary that y’all had to take him to the hospital! I would be absolutely terrified, but I’m glad that he’s ok, and hopefully he gets over that 4 month sleep regression soon!

  3. oh my goodness, that sounds SO scary about the hospital and ambulance ride (but pretty amazing it’s free)! so glad he’s on the mend! i am still cracking up about leighton using ‘i have to do tummy time’ to get out of a nap. that’s truly hilarious! i am so glad he’s a happy and chill baby – YAY!

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