Life Lately {September}

It seems like lately I can only get Houston’s updates and these type of monthly updates posted. Such is life with two little ones using up all your energy, I suppose.

Here’s a bit of what we got up to last month…

We started the month celebrating Father’s Day, which I did blog about here.

That Sunday Travis left for a work trip to Darwin for a few days. In his spare time he visited a place called Crockasarous Cove and took way too many pictures of sunsets. It was my first time solo with both kids, and it felt like a trial run for his much longer work trip at the end of the month. We all survived and one of us got an uninterrupted night’s sleep in a hotel.

While he was gone, Leighton learned to scale the pantry shelves searching for cookies and we finally made it back to the gym for the first time since Houston was born. They both did great at the child care and I am loving getting some alone time to work out a couple times a week, plus a coffee I didn’t make on the way out (only in Australia does pretty much every establishment have a full on espresso machine).

We also braved the swimming pool child care again, after a not so successful first try. I may have bribed Leighton with ice cream if she didn’t cry…

We made a few trips to our local coffee shop, and much bigger milestone- Houston’s first trip to Bunnings. Bunnings is the main hardware store in Australia and they are famous for having a sausage sizzle every weekend in the parking lot run by various neighborhood groups. You can’t go to Bunnings on the weekend and not have a sausage in the boot of your car. Trav cleaned out the change bowl before we left and paid in all coins.

I mentioned in Houston’s post that I hosted a baby shower one Saturday morning and Trav took both kids for the day. They went on the ferry to the farmer’s market and then to the park for a baby chino and a play. Meanwhile I enjoyed a lovely morning with my girl friends.

That night we went to dinner where Travis ordered the manliest drink (the waitress tried to give it to me) and Leighton displayed her most ladylike behavior.

Between the two kids and various sicknesses, we had to reschedule swimming lessons and so Trav got to do Leighton’s lesson with her on Sunday.

My days were spent with these two crazies. I know some days as a stay at home mom can be a bit monotonous, but honestly I have so much fun hanging out with Leighton and Houston. There are rarely dull moments.

The following weekend was pretty busy. Friday night we went into South Bank to watch a light show on the river. September is Brisbane Festival which is a cultural arts event with different things going on around the city. After the show we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and Leighton demonstrated the absolute worst way to eat a rice paper roll.

Saturday we got up and headed to the university in the city for Leighton’s first play. One of Leighton’s favorite books is The Gruffalo, so when we saw the play was going to be in Brisbane we knew she would love it. We went with two of her little girl friends and their parents. I was so impressed with how well all three of them did sitting and watching for an hour!

Leighton might have required a little incentive (snack) to stay seated. Trav was sneaking her pieces of her fruit bar while she watched (girl was hangry and it was worth breaking theatre rules to avoid the meltdown), but when it ran out he found my chocolate granola bar in the bag and started giving it to her. I was wondering why she kept asking if I wanted some and saying “This fruit bar is YUMMY!”. When the lights came on and the evidence was all over her face.

Look at Leighton and Houston’s profiles in the picture, little twinsies. After the show we went to lunch and Trav tried to demonstrate why we didn’t need a double stroller. We ended the weekend checking out a new local park and getting Mexican food for lunch. Trav got Leighton ready and she insisted on wearing this outfit that was mine as a toddler, and was mostly just interested in the mirrored bar at the restaurant. So much so that I watched them windex it the minute we walked out.

Travis had to go to Texas for work at the end of the month for a week and a half. He worked from home the day before he left, so he got to tag along to swimming and watch Houston for the first time. That evening we took a walk that ended up with getting wine by the river. Happy hour is a bit different with a baby and two year old, but it was still so nice.

When Travis used to travel for work all the time pre kids, we had a tradition of going to breakfast before his flight. We decided to reinstate the tradition and went to one of our favorite spots for a goodbye brekky before taking him to the airport. Houston watching Trav pack that morning was the sweetest.

Saturday night was the conclusion of Brisbane Festival and a huge fireworks show called Riverfire. Our friends who are expecting their own little one this week live right along the river, so they invited us over for a low ket night of watching the show and eating pizza. They also offered to let the kids and I spend the night, so I could have some extra hands. Houston slept right through the firework show, but Leighton wasn’t a fan of the noise so we watched from inside (why I have zero pictures). Houston was up most of the night (we are just loving this sleep regression), but finally passed out that morning in the wrap. Luckily my sweet friend, Ameilia, took him that morning so I could get some sleep.

Leighton broke in their nursery by not only sleeping in it, but also locking herself in. Keys and the credit card trick didn’t work, so we ended up using a bobby pin to rescue her. It was a pretty eventful 10-15 minutes though. She wasn’t too phased.

That was a wrap on September! I didn’t realize how much we did this month until I went to type it all out. So far October has been much quieter. Hope everyone has a great week!

4 thoughts on “Life Lately {September}

  1. Y’all really have been so busy and major props to you for being a single mom while Travis goes on his work trips! It wasn’t until a few months ago that I started being able to handle both girls on my own, and that’s during the week while I’m working!

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