Weekending around Brisbane

Hi friends! I thought I would finally show my face around here and share some pictures from our weekend. It wasn’t anything too exciting but I feel like I have been slacking on sharing all the hundreds of photos I take of our little family and talk about what we get up to.

As I mentioned in my September post, Travis spent almost two weeks in Texas for work. Since he has been back it feels like it has rained every weekend, all weekend. So we were pretty happy to see the forecast for last weekend was sunny. Saturday morning started early, because babies. Leighton loves a good sleep in, and I am hoping Houston catches on soon. Who wants to start the weekend by 6am anyway?! We lounged around with our little guy for a while and had our coffees, before he went down for his morning nap and Leighton was up.

Once Houston was up from his nap, we got ready and headed out to the farmer’s market. We have been going to the New Farm market since we first moved to Brisbane, and it is a go to on any Saturday we don’t have plans. Houston wore his baseball cap for the first time and I melted. Leighton is currently loving collecting flowers everywhere she goes.

It’s Jacaranda season right now, which are the prettiest purple trees. Brisbane is so pretty this time a year because these trees are everywhere, especially in New Farm Park.

After we picked up our produce for the week we walked into the park and heard music. There was a band playing big band music in the pavilion in the middle of the park and a group passing out free roses.

Houston was asleep in the pram and didn’t flinch, even with the loud music. Leighton is in a phase where she refuses to cooperate for pictures, it’s fun.

After listening to a few songs, we went to Leighton’s favorite park, the “wobbly bridge” park. That’s what she calls the playground, because (you guessed it) there’s a wobbly bridge. The playground at New Farm Park is massive and has something foe everyone, including parents- they have a coffee kiosk. So I picked up one of my first iced coffees of the season while Trav took the kids to the wobbly bridge. When I found them Leighton was more interested in a giant stick than any of the actual play things.

We took turns chasing Leighton around and hanging out with a very smiley Houston.

I didn’t realize until I saw them sitting there that they matched.

After working up an appetite at the park, we decided to grab lunch at our favorite barbecue spot nearby. We both had delicious salads and Houston enjoyed people watching while we ate. After lunch we headed home for nap time.

That night we went out to dinner at a new to us place called Canvas in the Woolloongabba neighborhood. It was more of a bar, which was probably an odd choice for a family but they were very accommodating and the share plates were delicious. We have been eating at home a lot lately, so it was nice to get out for a little family date night. I was all hands on deck occupying Leighton so I took zero pictures.

Sunday we wanted to get out to somewhere different than the usual spots, but the weather forecasts for the Gold and Sunshine Coasts weren’t good. We decided to hit up an old faithful, Sandgate. This guy was pretty excited.

Sandgate is a Brisbane neighborhood along the bay. We like to go there when we want to be by the ocean but not drive an hour to the big beaches. There’s a nice walking path along the water, multiple playgrounds and plenty of fish and chips shops to choose from.

Houston fell asleep in the car (after yelling at us the first half) so I walked along with him while Leighton and Trav waded into the water. They played for a while while I strolled.

Then we walked up to the playground so Leighton could run around some more. I realized the last time we went to that exact playground Leighton wasn’t much older than Houston, so of course I had to find a picture.

She was still loving the swings, Houston was a bit unsure swinging in Trav’s lap.

We attempted a photo of both kids with Trav, but once again Leighton was having none of it. First, she wouldn’t look and then she kept putting her hands in her mouth because Houston was. At least one kid cooperates.

We walked around a bit more and Leighton and I shared a vegan bowl at a cute little Organic cafe before heading home for naps. Trav and Leighton closed off the weekend with a big grocery shop and some “Poop McGoop” (what Trav randomly told her Seinfeld is called and it stuck).


8 thoughts on “Weekending around Brisbane

  1. It seems like your weather in Australia has been pretty similar to our weather in Houston lately, all rain! I’m glad that it stopped raining for a little while so you could actually get out and have some fun! And Houston’s shark shorts are so adorable!

    Also, we take the girls to places that are pretty much glorified bars all the time… Probably way more than we should, but if they’re being good I say who cares!

    • It’s funny even though the seasons are switched, our weather does seem to overlap a bit. One Christmas it was in the 80’s in Houston (in winter) and Brisbane (in summer).

      I’m glad we aren’t the only one! I agree, if she starts acting up we are out of there but she is usually really good.

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