Houston {Five Months}

Hi friends! I told you these seem to the only posts I can get together (and this is going up over two weeks late whoops).

Our little baby is growing up so fast! He’s still our smiley little guy, who wins over everyone with his cheeky grins.

Here’s a bit more about this past month with Houston…



3-6 month (00) clothes

0 teeth


Still nursing every three hours, takes a bottle (formula or breast milk) when other people are watching him and we started giving him a bottle before bed. Next month we will start him on solids, and plan to go the baby led weaning route.


This past month was a rough one. I mentioned it in his four month update, but we hit the 4 month sleep regression hard. Before that he was waking up once or twice, and when he turned four months it turned into 3-4 (sometimes more!).

Luckily his naps weren’t affected and he got in a good routine of an hour to hour and a half nap in the morning, short nap while we are out around midday and then a two hour afternoon nap around 2.

Fingers crossed the regression is coming to an end because the past five nights he’s only woken for a feed twice (once one night). Hopefully we will be getting down to one or zero soon!

Also, he is officially out of his swaddle. Since he is rolling back to tummy we had to stop. I used the love to dream 50/50 and did one arm out for a week and then came home one day and Trav had put him down for a nap with no swaddle at all, so I figured we were safe to go both arms out. That is actually when his sleep got better, not sure if it was a coincidence or not.


Houston has starting to give us the best little giggles. If you follow me on Instagram (@courtneyalkek) you would have heard them on my insta stories.

He also started rolling this month. He first rolled tummy to back, but has only done it a couple more times since. Once he figured out how to roll back to tummy though he hasn’t stopped, although the first time he did it he was so scared (as seen below).

He immediately rolls over when you put him down and eventually gets annoyed because he can’t roll back over. I will be so happy when he gets good at going back and forth.

Houston is still a water baby, loving bath time with his sister and his splash class at the pool.


The jumperoo is now a fave. I try to have him on the floor most of his awake time to practice rolling, but the jumperoo is guaranteed to make him happy.

Leighton and his relationship is always a favorite and I love watching it grow every month. She is not affectionate (to anyone really) so when she asked to hold him and read to him it was too sweet.

Our quiet mornings are another favorite. Houston wakes up almost two hours before Leighton (around 6:30), so as much as I would love to sleep later it’s nice to have some quiet solo time with him before the day gets busy.

And now for the monthly photo dump…

4 thoughts on “Houston {Five Months}

  1. I hope that y’all are past the 4 month sleep regression now! I swear it’s the most disheartening thing ever when you have it down for sleep, or least what you’re expecting, and then all of a sudden they take steps back! At least he’s so adorable, it’d be hard to be upset at that face! I can’t wait to meet him in person!

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