Halloween 2018

Hi friends! Since we are halfway through November, I figured what better time to recap Halloween (whoops)?!

Last year was the first year that Leighton dressed up, but she was only a bit over one, so she didn’t really have a clue what was going on. This year was fun because she was actually so excited about her costume and going to a party. When I first mentioned to her that she could dress up as the man in the yellow hat and Houston could be Curious George, she surprised me by getting really excited about it. I knew she didn’t really know what halloween was so I tried to find a few episodes of her favorite shows where they celebrated halloween (Llama Llama and Daniel Tiger). Once she understood, she would tell anyone that asked what they were going to be.

Halloween is only becoming more popular in Australia, even since we moved here four years ago. I learned last year that finding toddler costumes isn’t nearly as easy as it is in the US, so I planned accordingly and ordered Houston’s onesie and Leighton’s dress on the US Amazon for Travis to pick up when he went to Texas for work in September. I didn’t want to get Leighton pants and a shirt she wouldn’t wear again, so I just ordered a cheap yellow dress (which ran quite small). I couldn’t find a yellow hat that would fit her, so I bought a sun hat and spray painted it yellow. She LOVED the hat and it was no issue keeping it on all day.

Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year and that is also our playgroup day. Leighton woke up and said “LEIGHTON WANTS HALLOWEEN!!” she was so excited. Since we wanted to get full mileage out of our costumes, we made sure to wear them to playgroup (we weren’t the only ones). We had to wake Houston up from his nap to go, so he wasn’t really feeling my photo shoot. Leighton is also going through a phase where she is impossible to take photos of. I took about one million and these were the best.

Leighton found a car to match her costume at playgroup!

We came home from playgroup and had lunch and attempted naps. Leighton decided she would rather play in her bed for two hours and then crash the minute I went to go get her up. Houston went to sleep and I baked a big batch of brownies for our neighborhood block party. I think I have mentioned it before but our little neighborhood of townhouses is a big circle and has TONS of families in it. Every year they have a little street party and everyone hangs out in their driveways and yards with candy and treats to share. I woke Houston up, but he didn’t seem to mind at all and gave me lots of cuddles while his sister snoozed.

I had to wake up Leighton up which never goes well, but once the toddler tantrum was over we went on a walk to let Houston get a little catnap before the festivities. It wasn’t even 4:30 and there were already trick or treaters everywhere!

Around 5 Trav came home from his work trip and we hit the pavement. Leighton was so excited even though she had no idea what she was doing. She kept returning her candy to other people’s buckets before taking a new one. Which ended well for us because she only had a few pieces at the end of the night.

It was so fun chatting with the neighbors we know and meeting ones we didn’t. By 6, the kids were winding down so we headed home for dinner and to put our little monkey to bed. It was a success because the next day when we were taking a walk in the neighborhood Leighton kept asking where the halloween party was. I can’t believe next year Houston will be running the streets with her!

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