Houston {Six Months}

Half of a year, how?! I feel like the first six months of Leighton’s life were such a huge chunk of time, but these past six have flown.

Houston is such a little charmer and loves flashing smiles to everyone. Even at his six month appointment he was wooing the receptionists five minutes after his shots.

Here’s a bit more about our little guy…


8.03kg/17.6lbs keeping his standing as a perfectly average sized baby

3-6M clothes but getting snug

0 teeth


Still nursing every three-ish hours and getting a bottle before bed. We started solids just before his 6 month birthday, because he was lunging out of the high chair at poor Leighton when she ate next to him. When we gave him food, Leighton said “he’s not a baby anymore!”.

We’re going baby led weaning again but I have spoon fed him yogurt and oatmeal, because mess. It’s taken a few days, but he’s getting the hang of feeding himself and it’s fun to watch! He is pretty hit or miss on his enthusiasm, some meals he’s all over it and others he isn’t interested at all.


Still not sleeping through the night 😴. We started a 10pm dream feed though so his longer stretch matches up with ours, so now I’m hoping to drop the 3-4am feed soon.

Naps are pretty good although during leap 5 he has been having a harder time falling asleep on his own. Most days he has a 2 hour morning nap and then a 1-1.5 hour and catnap throughout the afternoon.

He prefers to sleep on his tummy with his face as smashed up against his bed as possible. It gave me a heart attack the first time, but I am used to it now.


This guy wants to be on the move! He is rolling around and pushing up on all fours and rocking.

Leighton was doing the same at this age but didn’t crawl for a couple more months, so I’m hoping he waits a bit longer to get mobile.

He had his first park swing experience and was loving when his sister pushed him.

He is loving swimming lessons. He moved to the “big boy” class last week and was seriously jumping out of my arms into the water. Since it’s warmed up we’ve had a couple pool days at the complex.

This month Houston celebrated his first Halloween and had his first beach day.

He is still loving his jumperoo and playmat.

Houston is getting better at sitting unassisted for short periods, but I stick close by.


One favorite purchase this month was this mesh sling from Amazon (affiliate link). It’s great for taking him to the beach or pool because it’s waterproof and dries quickly. He slept in it for an hour at the beach!

And now for the photo dump…

Well hopefully that little smile will brighten your day like it does mine! Have a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family stateside.

3 thoughts on “Houston {Six Months}

  1. I love the photo of him kissing your cheek!!! Our updates are much more different this month, and I must say even though Houston is not sleeping through the night he is doing MUCH better than Ollie in this department!

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