Houston {Seven Months}

As usual I’m several weeks late on this update. I do have a valid excuse this time, we have been traveling all over the lone star state the past three weeks. I will do my best though to recall Houston’s seventh month.

This was a month of firsts. Houston had his first and second short trips away from home. We went to Adelaide for a few days and then a family vacation to Noosa. His first big trip was to Texas at the end of the month. Houston was a champ on all the flights and barely made a peep. He loved looking around at everyone and entertaining himself by pulling my hair and giving me slobbery kisses.

He also got his first two teeth, four months earlier than Leighton got hers. He was cutting them during both Adelaide and Noosa, but luckily handled it well.



6-9 or 6-12M clothes

2 Teeth


Still nursing or bottle feeding 4-5 times a day along with solids at meal times. Half way through the month he started to get a lot more into trying whatever we put on his tray. It’s so fun watching him learn to eat on his own. I know baby led weaning isn’t for everyone, but I love it.

Some of his favorites this month were yogurt, peanut butter toast or English muffin, strawberries and sausage. Hopefully we have another good eater like Leighton.


Meh. Still not his strong suit. He naps well three times a day, even when we were traveling. He was a champ at napping in the beach tent in Noosa.

At night he was still waking up twice most nights with an occasional treat of one wake up. The first couple nights in Texas the jet lag had him up around 11pm just wanting to play.


Houston is sooo close to taking off crawling. He manages to get around the room pretty well just by doing a weird combination of yoga and bunny hops.

He’s getting really good at sitting up on his own and can’t almost get into position on his own.


“If You’re Happy and You Know It” – he gets so excited anytime you sing it.

Loves petting and feeding all the dog friends he’s made in Texas.

He loves anything his sister does, although she doesn’t give him the time of day 90% of the time.

And for the rest of the seven month photos…

And that’s all for this week, next week he will be eight months so I guess I should get started on that update so it isn’t this late.

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