Houston {Eight and Nine Months}

I can’t believe two more months have gone by (and I’m late again in posting this once again). I did start his eight month post but was having issues with wordpress and pictures so it never got published, so I figured I would just combine the two months.


  • 20ish lbs
  • 3 teeth (plus one more coming through)
  • 6-12M/12M clothes


Still nursing/bottle 4 times a day but weaning toward mostly formula (around 8 months). At 9 months he only nurses first thing in the morning.

He has discovered how great food is now and is a machine. Houston loves meat, fruit and carbs the most. I’m still working on getting more veggies in him. I also have started reducing his bottles (5 to 6oz instead of 8) because he is taking more solids every day. So thankful that so far we have another good eater.


Hallelujah for finally some good news on this front. Jet lag plus already bad sleeping habits made for a rough first few weeks in Texas, sleep wise. After we settled in at my parents in Houston in the new year, we did a little tough love and after just one night he was sleeping soooo much better. Although here are some pics of the poor jetlaged soul not being able to stay awake at Christmas.

At eight months he was either sleeping though the night or waking once, and mostly able to put himself back to sleep and by 9 months he wasn’t waking most nights. He had a little hiccup when we got back to Brisbane because of jet lag and we had four hard nights where he was wide awake for hours wanting to be up. After those nights though he went back to sleeping through the night.

Another sleep change was around 7 months he switched to a 2 nap a day schedule. He’s awake around 3 hours in between naps and although it’s tricky because I try to be home for nap time, it’s also nice to have more of a schedule.


Around 7 months, Houston started doing little crawls to play with things but hadn’t really taken off. Then at 8 months he was unstoppable. He gets into everything and now has just started pulling to stand on everything in sight as well. I have my hands very full with this one.

He continues to be the happiest, most playful little guy. People tell me often they have never seen a smilier baby. I hope he always has such a love for life and people.

His favorite person is still Leighton, and she is finally warming up to the idea of him as a playmate. Seeing them play together is the cutest thing ever.

That’s all for now. We are smack in the middle of moving so I am not sure when the next post might be!

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