Life Lately: March 2019

Hi friends! It has been a while over here. As you may already know we spent this month moving across the country.

We arrived back from Texas on the 12th of February and by the end of the month our house was all packed up and we were saying our good byes (see you laters!).

We spent our last two weeks in Brisbane spending as much time with all of our friends and visiting our favorite spots. Our sweet friends even threw a going away party for our whole family at the Victoria Park golf club restaurant. It was perfect because there was a playground and plenty of room for the kids to run around while we caught up. Leighton misses all of her sweet friends so much, we talk about them everyday.

We stayed in an airbnb for our last weekend in Brisbane that was nearby where we lived our first few years. It was nice to be back in the old neighborhood one last time. Sunday morning before our flight we had breakfast with two of my best friends and their families. These are the ladies and their kids that we spent the most time with (usually multiple times a week). Nikki and I met when we were both pregnant with the big kids and Breanne and I met in a mother’s group when the girls were babies. It has been so nice to go through motherhood, second pregnancies and all the newborn madness with them. I miss them both so much already!

The flight to Adelaide was a bit hairy as neither kid wanted to nap and so there were some touch and go moments, but we all survived. We spent the first two weeks in Adelaide living in a hotel and sorting out our housing. We did a bit of exploring on the weekends and checked out Port Noarlunga and the Adelaide Hills.

Luckily we found a great house at the end of our first week and moved in just a week later. Of course, the day we were able to move in was also my birthday and Travis was in Perth for work. We did it though and my sweet aforementioned friends sent me the most gorgeous flowers!

We have now been in our house for just over two weeks and are really loving it. It is the cutest cottage that was built in 1900 (has since been added onto and renovated) but still has so much character. We haven’t been in a stand alone (non townhouse) house since we lived in Houston before kids. It is so nice to have the space and especially the backyard. We are also walking distance from anything we need and there is a great toddler-sized park just a couple minutes walk from our house! 

We have spent most of our free time settling in but we we did sneak off to a winery to celebrate my birthday a couple days late. They were having a Sunday Sunday that included live music and a food truck. We had the best time. 

We are really enjoying our time here so far and looking forward to doing much more exploring soon! 

7 thoughts on “Life Lately: March 2019

  1. oh goodness, what an adventure! glad everything is sorted now, can’t imagine how stressful all that would have been. moving on your birthday boo, but yay to a standalone house with a backyard! that’s so exciting. so sad about leaving friends behind, hopefully you’ll all find your new people soon and get lots of exploring done 🙂

    • It was such a long day. Yeah we are already getting out and have met quite a few people in our area which has been nice. We are are really liking Adelaide so far and have lots of places on our South Australia bucket list.

    • Oh when we flew from Australia to Texas for Christmas, my daughter slept for three hours total during the 24 of travel. She is actually the best sleeper on land but she could not wrap her head around sleeping on the plane. On the plus side she had zero jet lag! Thanks 🙂

  2. Good luck with settling in to your next chapter in Adelaide. I’m looking forward to reading all about it. Moving with two young kids is madness, isn’t it?! I can totally relate. I also really miss my mum friends and Ella’s playmates since we moved, hopefully with the kids it will be easy to make some new ones in your new area.

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