Houston {Ten Months}

As per usual, I am almost a month late on poor Houston’s update.

This month was a busy one! We moved from Brisbane to Adelaide, so Houston was bouncing around 4 different “homes” in the past few weeks. He did well though and he is absolutely loving our new house and the backyard. Houston is still the sweetest, most loving little boy who loves to blow kisses and nuzzle his head on your chest. He smiles at everyone and is just genuinely happy almost all of the time (when he is not he is very good at letting you know). I am not sure how we got so lucky to be this little guy’s parents.


22ish pounds (he hasn’t been properly weighed in months)

6 teeth (four top and two bottom)

6-12m and 12-18m clothes depending on the brand


Houston is a pretty good eater like his sister, only less crazy about his veggies. Fruit and yogurt are his go to foods he will always devour. We like to go out to eat, and he is really good in his high chair playing with his grapple toy tether (the best!) and trying different foods that we order.

He still has 3-4 bottles of formula throughout the day. Usually 6oz when he wakes up, then either two 4oz or one 6oz during the day and a 7oz before bed. Every once in a while he might wake up in the night and have a 4oz bottle.


Well Houston always likes to keep us on his toes in this department. Although he was sleeping through the night (finally!) he decided to go through a fun little phase where he would be awake and just playing and chatting in the middle of the night. We don’t have to go in and tend to him but he is quite loud so still wakes us up. At first we were traveling and I didn’t have the monitor on so I didn’t even know this was going on, except he was sleeping in a lot later than normal. Little did I know it was because he was partying all night. From what I read it’s just developmental and he has so many changes going on in his little brain that it makes it hard to sleep. This went on for a week or so (spoiler alert he’s doing it again now).

He still naps twice a day, around 9 and 1:30 for around an hour and a half each.


Houston is on the move. He rarely stays still and is always getting into everything. This made living in an airbnb and hotel quite interesting.

He is also cruising around on his walker and climbing up on top of things. He can stand holding on to things and loves to let go and test out his balance. Houston loves giving open mouth kisses and blowing kisses at everyone. He shakes his head no and gives us high fives, which usually just end in him shaking our hands.


His favorite person is Leighton by a land slide. If she is near him he has to be touching or cuddling her. Sometimes she is appreciative, other times not so much haha.

And a few more favorites from his 10th month…

4 thoughts on “Houston {Ten Months}

  1. That picture where Leighton is so not into it proper cracked me up. Hilarious! Houston sounds like such a fun little guy, I love the idea of him throwing parties for 1 in the middle of the night. Hope the sleeping settles down and he continues to be such a happy boy! Also hope the Adelaide move is going well and you’re settling in fast.

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