Houston {Eleven and Twelve Months}

Our baby boy is one year old (plus a month and a bit, whoops)! For the record I wrote this post just after his birthday it has just taken me some time to finish it.

These past few months have been BUSY. Houston has celebrated his first Mother’s Day and Easter and took his first international vacation to New Zealand. He has learned to walk, started to say words and apparently forgot how to sleep (shocking).

Since I didn’t get around to an eleven month update I’m just going to combine them both. This age is SO fun but also so challenging. That new found independence is great, but there is also the newfound opinions (aka tantrums). Houston has been so easy going that it still catches me off guard when he chucks a tantrum over something so silly as being told not to throw food. Two toddlers in the house is a whole new ballgame. Hopefully it will settle down a bit as he learns to communicate more.

He is still such a little cuddle bug and will stop whatever he is doing to come give me a hug every few minutes. As much as I appreciate it, I am not sure the poor kids and babies on the playground enjoy his tackles, I mean hugs, quite as much.



31in/79cm (although I think the nurse was a bit generous here)

7 teeth with his molars all coming through right now

Mostly 18m clothes but some 12m in pants


Houston is still a good little eater, although veggies aren’t his favorite. He loves any meat, fruit or carb. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of the chocolate sprinkle donut we gave him on his birthday.

I’m working on weaning off the bottle now. He won’t drink milk from a cup though, so just keeping up his dairy intake in yogurt and cheese. He still had a bedtime bottle and sometimes one more.


Oh sleep. Houston will never be an all star sleeper, at least at night. He still naps well, twice a day for 3 hours total. He started waking again at night before we went to New Zealand because he was cutting a tooth. Then when we were there he wasn’t sleeping well and we got in a bad habit of just giving him a bottle if he woke up since we were all in tight quarters, and that continued on once we got back.

This corresponded with his sister (who hasn’t woken up at night since she was a baby) also getting out of bed at night since we moved her from a crib. Lots of long nights over here. It seems we have turned a corner this week, but I don’t want to jinx myself.


We have a walker! He started standing up on his own around 10.5 months but didn’t attempt his first steps until the week before his birthday. He didn’t take long before he ditched crawling all together and now he is into even more things than before.


This past month he started both swimming lessons and kindergym. He is loving both, and especially kindergym now that he’s on the move. We also go to a local playgroup every week that always has fun activities for the kids.

Houston has just started to say a few words, mostly just mama and dada regularly but says uh oh, buh bye, baby and hi some too. He is mostly good at repeating words but hasn’t really internalized them to use on his own yet.


As Houston has become more clingy (especially when I am cooking dinner it seems) I have been busting out my wild bird sling more. So much so that my mother in law ended up buying us/him a double (thickness) for his birthday. I love my sling but the he is getting too heavy to wear in the single for very long. I wish I would have know about the wildbird slings when Leighton was a baby because they are a favorite baby item and one I recommend to any mom with multiple littles especially.

He is loving going to any type of play place right now and has zero fear of the big kids or equipment (which is slightly terryifing). It’s so fun seeing how excited he gets running around and climbing.

Just after his birthday, Houston got his first haircut. The mullet look wasn’t the cutest and he looks so much older now with his cut. He did a lot better than I thought he would, especially with the assistance of a lollipop.


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Houston said goodbye to his mullet over the weekend and aged about two years 😭.

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Another favorite was getting to spend time with his grandmother over his birthday. Trav’s mom came down with one of her friends for a few weeks and it was so much fun! We got to explore all around Adelaide and the kids got lots of time with their Sass which is always the sweetest.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past month…

4 thoughts on “Houston {Eleven and Twelve Months}

  1. What a cutie! He’s grown so much – can’t believe all the walking and talking he’s doing! Ollie is very clingy right now, I can relate to that, and yes especially when I’m trying to cook dinner! I wish I knew about that sling earlier…
    Also I really like your black overalls in one of those pics at the end of the post. Hope you guys are enjoying Adelaide!

    • I can’t believe how much he’s “grown up” in the last few months. He’s definitely a mamas boy I don’t remember Leighton being as attached. Thanks we are enjoying it, hope your bunch is enjoying the Canadian summer!

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