I’m Back!

I received an email a few months ago that my domain would be up for renewal soon. For a split second I thought of letting it go. It’s been months since I have hit publish, and I have had little to no motivation to write much lately. BUT I just can’t let go of almost 6 years worth of posts and memories. So, I have decided to attempt to get back to writing again. I have barely written anything since we have moved to Adelaide and so much has been going on.

So today I will start with a brief update on life right now.

We have now lived in Adelaide for exactly one year, which is nuts. In some ways it seems shorter, and in others it feels like we were just living in Brisbane. The kids and I have made quite a few good friends and our weeks are pretty busy. Travis is traveling a lot for work, but when he is here we are very appreciative of his five minute commute to the office. We have also found a nice church that has welcomed us whole heartedly.


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Weekend adventures with our little crew. #littleleightonalkek #graniteisland #southaustralia

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Up until a few weeks ago Leighton and Houston were both still home with me everyday, but for all of our sanities we are rarely actually at home. The kids are both in swimming, Houston is enjoying our local kinder gym and Leighton started “Ready, Set, Dance” in August, which is a national pre-school dance program. On our spare days we are at playgroup, the library or catching up with friends at the park.

Last month Leighton started going to an ELC (Early Learning Centre aka preschool) two days a week. She has absolutely loved it and Houston is really enjoying his one on one time with me.

Last year we have had three sets of visitors, Trav’s mom and friend, my brother and his girlfriend, and my parents and sister. It was so fun to show them all around and they were loving all the time with the kids. Now we are planning our parents next round of visits, coinciding with the kid’s birthdays in the next few months.


The kids and I spent two months in Texas over the holidays visiting our friends and family. It was great seeing everyone but we were ready to be back into a routine and in our own surroundings.


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Houston’s first trip to Yorktown was a success. These city kids were in their element. #littlehoustonalkek #littleleightonalkek

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Now that we are back, time is flying and we have two trips on the books. We are spending my birthday weekend (next weekend) in the Yorke Peninsula and heading out to Exmouth in Western Australia in May. So if anyone has any ideas on what to do in either of those places, let me know. Travis is already planning on diving with whale sharks in WA but that is about all we have looked into.

Well if you have made it this far- congrats and what would YOU like to read about? Regular life updates, kid friendly itineraries, travel (I still need to write about New Zealand)? Please let me know!

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