New Zealand’s North Island with Kids

I was talking to a friend about New Zealand today which reminded me I still haven’t gotten around to posting about our trip last year. I did quite a bit of research prior to both trips we have taken to the North Island with little ones, so I thought I would share what I found to be fun family friendly activities and sights.

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Tips on Flying with a Toddler

Hi friends, I hope everyone is having a great week.

This post was a request from the lovely Chelsea at The New Wifestyle. She also was the push behind my post on flying with a baby. As you may have seen, we recently returned from our annual trip home to Texas. The flight from Brisbane to Houston takes almost 24 hours total counting layovers, and I did the return leg solo with Leighton. I am not an expert by any means, but I did do some research beforehand and overall we had a successful trip so I figured I would share what I learned.

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Visiting Hobbiton {New Zealand}

Hi friends! If you have been wondering where I have been the last few weeks, we have had some technical difficulties that hopefully have been resolved now. Here’s the post I have been trying to get up for the past few weeks…

So I am only a couple months late on finally sharing our trip to Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings movie set) in New Zealand. But better late than never!

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Flying with a Baby

This post has been requested a couple times (cough cough Chelsea) so I thought I would finally sit down and write it.

Leighton has been quite the traveler in her short 7 months of life. She took two domestic plane trips before she was even 3 months old and a 7 day road trip around Tasmania. At 4 months old she flew across the world on a 13 hour flight and took two more domestic flights in the US. Now that we are back home with 9 flights under our belt, I thought I would share what worked and didn’t for us. Continue reading

Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

The first stop on our journey around Tasmania was Cradle Mountain. We didn’t have time to go there on our trip last year so we made sure to plan a day there on this one.

Once we landed in Hobart we picked up our rental car and headed towards the Promised Land… no really, that was the name of the town our cabin was in. As we started off we passed by beautiful vineyards and orchards. The weather was sunny and perfect so we decided to stop in the most adorable town of Richmond. Travis had read about the town and how it was home to the first Catholic church in Australia.


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GPSmyCity: Travel Articles turned Apps

I’m not sure about you, but when I am planning a trip one of the first places I go to is the blogosphere. I get on bloglovin’, pinterest or travel link ups and start looking up my destination in order to plan out all of my must-see, do and eat locations. Even my non-blogging husband is always finding travel blogs to help map out our trips.

The problem with this though is once we have planned out where we want to go we either have to go through the process of adding all the places to our google maps or (if we forget or don’t have time) we end up trying to find wifi to pull up the articles again only to realize we are nowhere near our next attraction. Now there is an app that has found a solution to that problem and allows you to use blog posts to help guide you as you explore a new city…

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Traveling While Pregnant

Hey guys, today I have a great guest post to share with you. It covers one of the first things I began researching when I found out I was pregnant- traveling.

Important health tips for pregnant travellers

As plenty of hormonal and physical changes happen to a woman while she’s pregnant, stress can easily affect them, so many doctors suggest taking a vacation before their 36th week. Most people call this holiday as ‘babymoon,’ where moms get a vacation like they are in their honeymoon. In fact, a research featured by Daily Mail said that air travelling poses no risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies, thus mom-to-bes shouldn’t worry about travelling so long as they have prepared for it.

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Three Must-Visit Historic London Buildings

Hi friends! To take a little break from all the baby talk around here, I have an extra special guest post for you today.

As some of you may know, my parents recently moved back to Texas after living in London the past three years. Even before they moved there London was my favorite city I had visited. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to have an excuse to go back and visit (and have a free place to stay) once a year. Travis and I have so many fond memories of wandering the streets, checking out neighborhood pubs and gorgeous architecture.

We would love to call London home one day. So while we wait for our opportunity to move across the pond (can you still say that when you are in Australia?), I have some fun historic spots that anyone planning a visit needs to check out. Spoiler Alert my favorite is the pub at the end, no surprise considering I have expressed my love for the oldest wine bar in London, now we need to check out one of the oldest pubs! Don’t forget to share your favorite in the comments. 

Three Must-Visit Historic London Buildings

The words “old” and “England” go together like peanut butter and jelly — or fish and chips, if you will. There are ancient castles, old houses, even Roman-era structures. Even if you just limit yourself to the London area, England is full of beautiful old buildings and structures. Here are some of our favorites.

Dr. Johnson’s House

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