A Weekend in Noosa

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a magical holiday season. We are about to head off to Texas for two whole months, so I figured I should share about our recent weekend getaway to Noosa before it’s too late.

Travis and I spent a weekend in Noosa one million years ago (almost four, super old posts here) and we have been saying for ages we needed to go back. It’s an easy almost two hour drive from Brisbane and absolutely stunning, so it seems crazy we haven’t been lately.

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Houston {Six Months}

Half of a year, how?! I feel like the first six months of Leighton’s life were such a huge chunk of time, but these past six have flown.

Houston is such a little charmer and loves flashing smiles to everyone. Even at his six month appointment he was wooing the receptionists five minutes after his shots.

Here’s a bit more about our little guy…

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Houston’s First Beach Trip

Hi friends! I haven’t been the best at keeping up with blogging lately, but I thought I would share some pictures from Houston’s first beach trip. I feel like it’s an Aussie right of passage.

We didn’t plan on going to the beach until we woke up Saturday and realized we had no plans. Trav consulted google maps and decided on Maroochydore, mostly because it was a beach we hadn’t been to before. We started loading up the car and realized we forgot to get our beach tent back from our friends who borrowed it. We had already committed though, so we stuck with the plan.

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Halloween 2018

Hi friends! Since we are halfway through November, I figured what better time to recap Halloween (whoops)?!

Last year was the first year that Leighton dressed up, but she was only a bit over one, so she didn’t really have a clue what was going on. This year was fun because she was actually so excited about her costume and going to a party. When I first mentioned to her that she could dress up as the man in the yellow hat and Houston could be Curious George, she surprised me by getting really excited about it. I knew she didn’t really know what halloween was so I tried to find a few episodes of her favorite shows where they celebrated halloween (Llama Llama and Daniel Tiger). Once she understood, she would tell anyone that asked what they were going to be.

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Weekending around Brisbane

Hi friends! I thought I would finally show my face around here and share some pictures from our weekend. It wasn’t anything too exciting but I feel like I have been slacking on sharing all the hundreds of photos I take of our little family and talk about what we get up to.

As I mentioned in my September post, Travis spent almost two weeks in Texas for work. Since he has been back it feels like it has rained every weekend, all weekend. So we were pretty happy to see the forecast for last weekend was sunny. Saturday morning started early, because babies. Leighton loves a good sleep in, and I am hoping Houston catches on soon. Who wants to start the weekend by 6am anyway?! We lounged around with our little guy for a while and had our coffees, before he went down for his morning nap and Leighton was up.

Once Houston was up from his nap, we got ready and headed out to the farmer’s market. We have been going to the New Farm market since we first moved to Brisbane, and it is a go to on any Saturday we don’t have plans. Houston wore his baseball cap for the first time and I melted. Leighton is currently loving collecting flowers everywhere she goes.

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Life Lately {August Edition}

Hi friends! I can’t believe it is already half way through September and I haven’t even blogged much about what we got up to in August. So here is a little recap of the month, it was a busy one so grab a cup of tea and get comfy.

At the first of the month my mother in law and her boyfriend came to Australia to visit for three weeks. They arrived the day before Leighton’s birthday party and it was so fun to have them there. After the birthday celebrations, we spent the next week exploring Brisbane.

We went to the Mt. Cootha lookout on the first day to get a 360 view of Brisbane in the stunning weather. Continue reading