The 12 Apostles and Friends

12 Apostles Victoria, Australia

One of the most popular attractions along the Great Ocean Road are the breathtaking limestone formations, the 12 Apostles. I mentioned them on my Great Ocean Road post briefly, but I believe these guys and a few of their friends are worthy of their own post.

What are the 12 Apostles and how were they formed?

According to “Created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland beginning 10-20 million years ago, the stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs.

The caves eventually became arches and when they collapsed rock stacks up to 45 metres high were left isolated from the shore. View the 12 Apostles at sunrise and sunset as they change colour from dark and foreboding in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun.”

And that we did…

12apostles Victoria, AustraliaAnd then we went back in the morning for a different perspective…

12Apostles morning view

But they aren’t the only limestone stunners you should be on the lookout for. Just down the road you will find seven more coastal attractions that are worth your time. This is the best map I could find but it does not include all seven, but you can see that they are all just a short distance from the 12 Apostles.


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Loch Ard Gorge

The closest to the 12 Apostles and my personal favorite. The Loch Ard Gorge is absolutely  breathtaking. It’s also great because you can walk down to the beach and get an up close and personal view.

loch-ard-gord loch-ard-gord-2Gibson’s Steps

Just down from the 12 Apostles, follow the signs for Gibson’s Steps. It’s an 86 step staircase that takes you down to the beach where you can stare up at the two enormous rock stacks.gibsons-steps gibsons-steps2

The Arch

Just past the Loch ard Gorge you come up upon the Arch. Stand back and watch the waves crash over this more petite rock formation.

The-ArchLondon Bridge

The London Bridge used to be a connected to the arch way you see next to it, but it collapsed in 1990 and thus became a bridge with no middle.

London Bridge Victoria Australia The Grotto

This was probably the formation I was most excited to see after seeing photos like this on the internet…

The Grotto, Shipwreck Coast, Victoria, Australia

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The weather conditions were not in our favor to get the same type of stunning shot that truly captures the beauty of The Grotto but we still enjoyed seeing it for ourselves.


Bay of Martyrs

This spot is a little bit further down the Great Ocean Road, just past Petersborough. It is also not as well marked as some of the others so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. It’s a great spot to head down to the private little beach and view the nearby Bay of Islands rock stacks.


Bay of Islands

The views from the walking paths around the Bay of Islands rival that of the 12 Apostles in my opinion- with less crowds! Don’t let this underrated gem escape your radar.

Bay-Of-Islands-View Bay-Of-IslandsSo if you are planning a drive down the Great Ocean Road in the future, don’t forget to check out the 12 Apostles AND all seven of their limestone friends.

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